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  • 2021-2022 School Calendar 


    Grade 8 Yellow Team (8-1) Core Values:

    ~Respect~ Creativity~Responsibilty~Diversity~


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    Summer 2021

    Dear Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers of the Yellow Mighty Ducks Team,



    Upcoming Important School Dates

     * Opening day for students - September 1st.



    Student Attendance

    Regular and punctual school attendance is essential for success in school. Accordingly, the expectation of King Philip Middle School is that students will attend all of their scheduled classes. Please be reminded that student attendance is taken and recorded during each class period. If your child must be:


    1. ABSENT,
    2. TARDY to SCHOOL (First Period), and/or
    3. DISMISSEDfrom school,


    a parent/guardian must contact the main office before 8:20 AM via email ( and or via phone (508-541-7324). If your child is absent from school or any class without parent/guardian notification, the absence will constitute a school or class truancy. Please view the KPRSD Student Handbook for the list of excused absences (p. 31).


    Having difficulty with technology?

    For issues with student Gmail accounts, school Chromebooks, or other technology concerns, students should contact our technology department through Our technology department will respond to students in the order that emails are received.





    The Yellow Team Teachers 




  • Civics - Ms.Goldstein

    Co-teacher ELA & Civics - Mrs. Langmead

    Co-teacher Math & Science - Ms. Panchuk

    English Language Arts - Mr. Jacobsen

    Math - Mrs. Bois

    Science - Ms. McNulty

    Spanish - Senora Brenneis

    Guidance Counselor - Ms. Barry

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