• World Language


    Our World Language Program provides daily instruction to all eighth grade students at King Philip Middle School. Towards the end of the seventh grade year, students will be asked to identify whether they will be taking French or Spanish.

    World Language
    Students in Grade Eight participate in a full year of daily world language instruction. The Descubre and D'accord Level 1 text is used in Spanish or French along with other related educational and study aids. Both courses present and reinforce the beginning elements of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Students will develop their language skills in all four areas of language learning: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students will expand their vocabulary, develop grammar and communication skills. Students will be required to communicate orally and in writing using developed skills of expanded vocabulary and grammar. The many different aspects of French or Spanish culture will be explored through performance, artwork, music, food tasting, movies and relevant activities. Students are evaluated on speaking reading and writing on  quizzes, skits, homework, classwork  and projects. The French and Spanish curriculum are alligned to the Massachusetts Foreign Language Curriculum Frameworks for the Stage One learner.


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