• Español Syllabus                                                      Teacher Señor Bean

     King Philip Middle School                                       2020-2021


    “Bienvenidos (Welcome) to your first-year Spanish class offered here at King Philips Middle School.

    During this year, we will explore the Spanish language preparing you for more advanced study

    at the High School Level.   As you begin your journey, it is important that you immerse yourself into

    the Spanish Speaking environment to be upheld in the classroom.



    ¿Que necesitas llevar a la clase? (What do you need to bring to class?)


    1.     Carpeta

    Señor Bean will have a paper to give you most every class.  Have a place to put it with an organized three-ring “carpeta”.   Also, don’t lose it!               There will always be a “carpeta” related quiz waiting for you throughout the year.

    2.     Lápiz


    You will not only “habla” (speak) but “escribe” (write) “español” (Spanish) in almost every class.  Be ready!

    3.     Libro



    Although we will not use the “libro” (book) every class, they will be referred to and certainly used for HW assignments.  Most commonly, “libros” will be referred to at the end of the week.  Be ready and have yours available.

    4.     Ganas (Desire)



    Ganas de aprender español” (Desire to learn Spanish)              is the single most important thing you can bring                               to Spanish class.                            Always bring your “GANAS!”


    ¿Que no necesitas llevar a la clase? (What do you not need to bring to class?)



    Chewing “chicle” during class is the opposite

     of “ganas” and  is a slap in the face to “español” (Spanish).   

    Don’t do it!


    Unless Señor

    Bean requests it, you will not need to and should not bring your “teléfono” to class.




    How you participate in class is extremely important both for your grade, and for what you will take away from the course.  It will be in class that you will be hearing Spanish with little interruptions of English.


    Empieza y Termina Bien (Start and Finish Strong)

    Be on time for class.  When the bell rings, you should be sitting in your seat and focused on the                   “Hacer Ahora” (Do Now) assignment.

    Also, as you enter our class, greet Señor Bean en español – he loves that!

    Sigue las  “Siete Reglas(Follow the 7 Rules)

    Señor Bean adheres to an immersion-based method of language instruction where you will hear and speak Spanish.  In order to make this happen, there are “siete reglas” or 7 rules that must be followed by all students.




    and try to    



    2• When one

    person speaks,

    all others listen


    3No English No blurting out 



    4Sit up and  square 



    5• Do your 50%



    6•   Actors:

    synchronize                                              your actions

    with Senor Bean’s words


    7. Student actors are the heroes to our Class stories






    Avisos y Entrenamiento Especial” (Warnings and Special Training)

    Learning and succeeding in Senor Bean’s Spanish class is a skill.  If your skill development is lacking, you will be provided with an “aviso” (warning). 

    If the “aviso” is not working, “entrenamiento especial” (special training) will be arranged.

    “Entrenamiento especial” commonly takes place during the lunch block or after school.

    Hopefully none of you will need “entrenamiento especial”.


    Pruebas y Tarea (Quizzes and Homework)

            Some “pruebas” (quizzes) may be unannounced but should be a reward for hard work and participation achieved in class.  Homework will often be connected to Spanish stories we create in class.   A HW assignment may ask you to rewrite a story created in class or retell it to someone in your home, or draw out the story.  Homework may also reflect work to be completed from our Descubre textbook or a handout given by Señor Bean.  Homework assignments may or may not be collected, and may also be often presented.


    Ayuda Extra (Extra Help)

    Every Wednesday an extra help session will be offered for any and all of Señor Bean’s Spanish students.  Such extra help sessions are a great place to go over challenging ideas in class, help with HW, or prepare for an upcoming quiz. 

    Concluding Remarks

    Although learning a new language can seem like a daunting challenge, it can also be fun.

    Do your best and enjoy the challenge set before you.  Spanish is waiting!