Procedures are part of life. We follow procedures for using a telephone book, boarding an airplane, approaching a traffic light, etc. The reason we have procedures in life is so that people can function in society knowing the acceptable and efficient ways other people do things. There are also procedures in the classroom. These procedures establish our classroom culture.

    1. When entering the classroom: Before entering the classroom, please be sure to take care of all personal business. You are expected to come to class with everything you need. Most days this will include book, binder, pens, sharpened pencils, colored pencils and dictionary. Permissions to go to lockers will be limited and strictly monitored. Additionally be sure you have no food or drinks (except water). Then, proceed to your assigned seat quietly and take note of homework assignments on your agenda; consequently get ready to work on bell work. If your pencil needs to be sharpened, this is the best time to do it, don’t wait for the class to start to do so.

    2. Maintain proper behavior at all times: Respect the rights and dignity of others; exercise common sense, good judgment, and self-discipline; commit to your educational growth; and contribute to a positive classroom environment. Focus on your study during class.

    3. Tardiness: You are expected to arrive on time. If for some reasons you are tardy to class, be sure to have with you a valid pass from your previous class teacher who can account for your tardiness. Tardiness equal to or in excess of half the class period is considered an absence. 

    4. Class cutting: Students who cut class will be subject to the assessment of office detention and/or suspension. (Class cuts are included in the attendance policy). Students who cut classes will receive a zero for any work missed or due that day.

    5. Absenteeism: If you are absent I encourage you to call a peer; check the homework section in Mrs. Abeille’ s website located in the King Philip homepage in the section Faculty Webpage. I will update assignments daily.

    6. When leaving the classroom: Permissions to leave the classroom will be given in the emergency basis only. If you are being dismissed, be sure to have with you a dismissal pass from office. If you need to go to guidance, please do so during your study time or before school starts to make an appointment with your counselor. He or she will give an appointment pass to your homework teacher indicating the day and time they can talk to you. If you do leave the room, please sign out before you leave and sign in when you return logging the time. Fill out all of the blanks of the form completely. Remember that you should go specifically to the place you were allowed to go. Do not wander the corridors.

    7. When dismissing class: Before the bell rings you should organize your books and area. Check that you are not leaving your belongings; pick up any rubbish underneath or beside your seat, even if you didn’t throw it. When the bell rings to indicate that the end of the period had come; you should remain at your desk quietly and wait for me (teacher not a student) to dismiss you. In orther to be dismissed, I expect you to line up your seat, so you can go to your next period class. Also you must listen to the daily public announcement quietly before being dismissed, announcements may be important for you or somebody else in the classroom.

    8. Illness during school hours: Obtain a corridor pass from your teacher and report to the school nurse. If dismissal from school is necessary, the nurse will call your home to make necessary arrangements with your parent/guardian.

    9. Keeping your Book: Book are important and valuable tools for your learning. The school will provide you one book for most of your classes. Once the Spanish book is given to you it is your responsibility to keep it in good condition. You will be requested to cover it for its protection. No writing over the book cover and any pages is acceptable except your name. At the end of school year, your book will be collected and should be in the same condition that it was given to you. If you lose it, you will have to pay for it. Binder is also a very important tool that will help you keep track of important information of the class. Do not use it for other subjects. Additionally, you should always have enough lined paper in it. 

    10. When using the Internet: The use of the internet, network and KPRSD technology is a privilege, not a right. Any failure to comply with the school policy may result in serious consequences, as well as the loss of computer privileges. All technology equipment is for students’ academic use, but should be used appropriately and in no way should be vandalized.

    11. Extra help: I will be available on Wednesdays after school. Please let me know if you plan to stay with me for extra help.

    12. Homework. Homework is an important part of your grade and will be assigned for your benefit. It will be collected every morning. No credit will be given for homework not on your desk at the start of class. In the event of a student’s multiple day absence due to illness, parents/guardians may request homework assignments through the main office or email. I will submit assignment information as soon as possible or within twenty-four (24) hours of the request. You can also access my web site and take note of homework assignment for the day. Please do the homework completely with quality and on time.

    13. Cheating: cheating is a serious offense. The following is considered cheating.

    -A student is cheating when he/she attempts to copy or borrow another student's homework/test.

    -A student is cheating when he/she attempts to gain any information from another student or from any unauthorized materials.

    -A student is cheating when he/she uses anyone else's words or ideas without documentation (plagiarism).

    -Providing the information or materials for others' uses as identified above. When it has been determined that a student is guilty of cheating, the student will receive a zero for the work, and the teacher will notify the parent/guardian by telephone or by E-mail.

    14. What to do if fire emergency occurs: Follow the evacuation directions immediately in an orderly manner. No loud talking, running or pushing. You won’t be allowed to go to the bathroom, neither to go to your locker for your belongings nor to wait for any friend.

    15. What to do if Lock Down occurs: If a Lock Down occurs you should remain calm and immediately move away from windows and doors. Teacher will lock door, close curtains and shut off lights and computer. If you are in the corridor or in the bathroom, you should go directly into the nearest classroom. Remember that there shall be NO talking and you should not leave the classroom for any reason until a Public Announcement is made.

    16. When visitors are in the classroom: When visitors in the classroom (included teachers, principal, parents, students) for any period of time, you are expected to be quiet, show respect and continue with your work immediately. 

    17. When the teacher is out of the classroom: If the teacher is out of school, you should follow class procedures and behave. If a substitute teacher is taking care of class for the day, you are expected to be respectful, listen to her instructions diligently and work on assignments. Keep in mind that any misbehavior won’t be tolerated and will be reported to me or the office and detention will be given.

    18. Detention: If necessary I may assign detentions, contact parents, schedule parental conferences, or refer students to the assistant principal, if the situation warrants it. Keep in mind that failure to report to a teacher detention will result in assignment of one or more office detentions.

    19. Electronic devices: The possession of electronic devices inside the classroom is strictly prohibited. Please refer to school handbook to see consequences.

    20. Enjoy your Spanish class!

    Teacher detention will be assigned for the following infractions:

    a) Misbehavior in class 
    b) Missing more than three homework assignments 
    c) Possession of electronic device in class (first offense)
    d) Doing homework from other classes
    e) Tardiness to class without a pass
    f) Failure to return a signed academic progress report
    g) Failure to comply with a teacher request
    h) others as necessary