SPANISH 2 College Preparatory SYLLABUS
    (Course L5122 – 5 credits)
    Grades 9,10,11,12
    Teacher:       Mrs. Martha Abeille
    Email:          abeillem@kingphilip.org 
    Telephone:   508-384-1000 ext. 118
    Address:       201 Franklin Street
                          Wrentham, MA 02056
    Welcome to Spanish 2 College Preparatory. My name is Martha Abeille and I have been working in the King Philip Regional School District for almost nine years. I currently teach the AP Spanish Language as well as Spanish 2 honors and levels. I am a Spanish native speaker born in Monterrey, N.L. Mexico; I got a bachelor degree in Applied Linguistics from the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Mexico and I am currently enrolled in a master degree program (MAT Spanish) in Salem State University. I moved to the United States of America thirteen years ago and I proudly became an American citizen recently.  
    Course Overview: 
    The purpose of this course is to teach students Spanish in a college preparatory level. Through the study of the Spanish language students will explore and gain understanding of the Spanish speaking countries culture, history and current events. Students will be able to contrast, compare and identify differences as well as similarities between the American and Hispanic cultures. On the other hand, they will also learn Spanish grammar and thematic vocabulary etc. 
    Materials: It is required that students bring the following material to class every day.
    • Descubre 1 and 2 books provided by school
    • English-Spanish Dictionary                                         
    • 3 Ring Binder
    • Lined paper
    • Pen, pencil and eraser                                    
    • Colored pencils or markers
    • Glue stick           
    • Book cover                          
    • Access to a computer with a word processor, PowerPoint and Internet connection at home.  (not mandatory but ideal)
    • Computer data storage device (USB stick)
    Course Goals, Objectives and ExpectationsIn King Philip Regional High School Foreign Language department we are committed to excel and day after day we encourage our students to work hard toward excellence. In Spanish 2 college preparatory level, students are advised to leave out of the classroom any fear to speak Spanish and have fun while learning. The class is conducted in Spanish so students get costumed listening the language but also English will be used so students understand what is being said. Students must make a genuine effort to speak in Spanish to the teacher and peers.  This is important since we want students to be able to communicate in the target language and be ready for future college requirements.
    In this course students will acquire knowledge in Spanish through a variety of activities sequenced from thematic vocabulary and structured exercises to more open-ended questions that lead to opportunities for creative expression. Students will have announced (and occasionally) unannounced grammar quizzes; write guided short paragraphs and compositions and journals; make oral presentations in Spanish and participate in class discussions.  Additionally, access to the Language lab will be provided so they can benefit greatly with enriching activities that help them improve their listening and speaking skills.
    Students are expected to fully abide with KPRHS students/parents handbook and class rules and procedures. They must be respectful of teacher, peers and classroom setting and rules. They must be willing, prepared and ready to learn every day.
    Grades: Grades will be provided to students in the regular basis and will be posted on IPass weekly. Grades are students’ responsibility and if they want to improve their grade, they have to be willing to make a genuine effort to succeed. Useful feedback will be given to students to improve their work. 
    • After school helpExtra help will be available after school on Tuesdays by appointment.  I encourage students to come see me if they need to make up an exam/quiz or if they need support regarding subject content material.
    • Late homework assignments and projects policy10 (ten) points will be deducted per day for handing in late homework and projects, including Saturdays and Sundays. Students need to keep in mind that the work has to be graded first, and then the points would be deducted. In the case of student’s absences due to educational fieldtrips, students have the obligation to hand in any homework assignment or project that was previously scheduled the following day. If absence is justified no points will be deducted but the student has the obligation to make it up as soon as possible.
    • Make-up Exam policy: It is understandable that sometimes there are situations that are out of the students control and consequently are unable to take exams or quizzes that were previously scheduled. In such cases student will have the opportunity to take it another day but must be aware that the original exam will be modified.  In the case of the student absence because of educational fieldtrips they have to take the exam the very next day after the fieldtrip.  Note that there won’t be exam re-takes.
    Following is Mrs. Abeille’s grading policy for Spanish 2 College Preparatory.
    Grading 80% total grade
    Project 30 %
    *Exam (1 exam per unit) 25 %
    Quiz 20 %
    Participation & Classwork 15 %
    Homework 10 %
    Grading 20% total grade
    Mid-Term exam 10 %
    Final Exam 10 %
    Letter Grade Meanings Letter Grade Equivalents
    A Excellent. (Outstanding accomplishment, showing mastery of content, creativity, and the ability to apply principles.)   A+    97-100
      A      94-96
      A-     90-93
    B Very Good (Accomplishment above the average, and showing a significant degree of mastery, creativity, and ability to apply principles.)   B+    87-89
      B      84-86
      B-     80-83
    C (Demonstrates a working knowledge of content and ability to apply the material learned.)   C+    77-79
      C      74-76
      C-     70-73
    D Poor (A low passing mark, showing minimal accomplishment which should be considered unsatisfactory, especially for continuation in sequential courses.)   D+    67-69
      D      64-66
      D-     60-63
    F Failure (Does not meet minimum requirements; a very poor level of accomplishment or failure to do required work; poor attendance may be a contributing factor along with attitude and effort.)   F       0-59
    I (A temporary grade given for incomplete work due to illness or excused absence; must be made up before the end of the following marking period.)  
    P/F Pass/Fail (Selected courses will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis; a pass grade indicates satisfactory completion of required work.)
    M Medically Excused  
    W Withdrawn  
    Excused (Mid-year or final examinations may be waived by the principal only in 
    documented, extreme medical, personal, or extenuating circumstances. A senior may be excused by her/his teacher from a final examination in a semester course or a full-year course by achieving an 85 average or better.)
    Spanish 2 College Preparatory Course Overview
    Textbook: Descubre 1 and Descubre 2
    Descubre 1 Chapters 6-9
    Lesson & Theme Objectives Culture Grammar
    Lección 6
    ˇDe compras!
    -Thematic vocabulary
    -Talk about and describe clothing 
    -Express preferences in a store 
    -Negotiate and pay for items you buy
    -Understand and use the grammar of this chapter:
    -Los mercados al aire libre, Carolina Herrera 
    -Panorama cultural: Cuba
    -Cultural reading: ˇReal Liquidación en Corona!
    -Los refranes
    -Hispanic musician: Celia Cruz
    -Saber and Conocer
    -Indirect Object Pronouns
    -Preterite tense of regular verbs
    -Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns
    Spelling: Pronunciación- Consonants and t
    Lección 7
    La rutina diaria
    -Thematic vocabulary
    -Describe your daily routine
    -Talk about personal hygiene
    -Time expressions
    -Understand and use the grammar of this chapter:
    -La siesta
    -ir de tapas
    -Panorama cultural: Perú
    -Cultural reading: An e-mail from Guillermo 
    -Hispanic musician: Tania Libertad
    -Reflexive verbs
    -Positive and negative expressions
    -Preterite of ser and ir
    -Verbs like gustar
    Spelling:Pronunciación- Consonant r
    Lección 8
    La comida
    -Thematic vocabulary
    -Order food in a restaurant
    -Talk about and describe food
    -Understand and use the grammar of this chapter
    -Fruits and vegetables from the Americas 
    -Ferrán Adria
    -Panorama cultural: Guatemala
    -Cultural reading: A restaurant review
    -Hispanic musician: Shery, Ricardo Arjona
    -Preterite of stem-changing verbs
    -Double object pronouns
    -The present subjunctive
    Spelling: Pronunciación ll,ń,c, and z
    Lección 9
    Las Fiestas
    -Thematic vocabulary
    -Express congratulations
    -Express gratitude
    Ask for and pay the bill at a restaurant
    -Understand and use the grammar of this chapter
    -Semana Santa celebrations
    -The Vińa del Mar Festival
    -Panorama cultural: Chile
    - Cultural reading: The society pages from a newspaper
    -Hispanic musician: Myriam Hernández
    -Irregular preterites
    -Verbs that change meaning in the preterite
    -żQué? And żcuál?
    -Pronouns after prepositions
    -Spelling: pronunciación h, j, and g
    Descubre 2  chapters 1-2
    Lesson & Theme Objectives Culture Grammar
    Lección 1
    En el consultorio
    -Thematic vocabulary
    -Describe how you feel physically 
    -Talk about health and medical conditions
    -Compare and contrast health care in Hispanic countries and in the United States
    -Understand and use the grammar of this chapter:
    -Health services in Spanish-speaking countries
    -Healers and Shamans 
    -Panorama cultural: Costa Rica
    -Cultural reading: An interview with Carla Baron
    -Hispanic musician: Chavela Vargas
    -Imperfect and preterite
    -Constructions with se
    Spelling: The Accent and stressed syllables
    Lección 2
    La tecnología
    -Thematic vocabulary
    -Talk about using technology and electronic products
    -Use common expressions on the telephone
    -Talk about car trouble
    -Understand and use the grammar of this chapter:
    -The use of cellular phone in Hispanic countries
    -Los cibercafés
    -Panorama cultural: Argentina
    -Cultural reading: Inteligencia y memoria:la inteligencia artificial 
    -Hispanic musician: León Gieco
    -Familiar commands
    -Por and para
    -Reciprocal reflexives
    -Stressed possessive adjectives and pronouns
    Spelling:La acentuación de palabras similares