• Tips to improve your Spanish
    To succeed in a foreign language you must be a risk taker and not to be afraid to make mistakes. Learn from mistakes.
    • Be a good imitator. Try to imitate your teacher’s pronunciation and native speakers and practice with your peers in class.
    • If you have relatives or friends that are Spanish speakers, speak to them in Spanish. 
    • Use the PPT documents on my website and Descubre  textbook site to listen to review vocabulary and grammar concepts and conjugations.
    • Make vocabulary flashcards with English translations on the flip side so you can study on your own, or ask someone at home to quiz your knowledge.
    • Using picture flashcards is another great option.
    • Use Spanish out of the school setting, for example, order your meal in Spanish in a Mexican restaurant. If traveling to a Spanish-speaking country use the Spanish you learned in class, for instance ask for directions, price of souvenirs etc.
    • Avoid using online translators when doing your homework, online translations are most of the time inaccurate.