• Multicultural Painting Project 

    • Students learn about 3 ancient cultures(Egyptian, Aboriginal, Mexican) and their art.
    • Comparisons are made between the life and art of the people with in the culture and contrasted against the other 2 cultures.
    • Students are taught how to apply opaque paint, and draw a defining contour outline on the recycled natural Kraft paper.
    • Students learn how to apply dry brush and sponging techniques to indicate texture.
    • Students are made aware of the different paper types available. Using the appropriate paper type to create the desired effect and impact is discussed.

    Students will:
    • Learn and know that various stylistic art concepts and materials were used in multiple cultures
    • Know and contrast the traditional and ancient art of 3 distinct cultures
    • Know how the life style and beliefs of the culture impacted their art

    Essential Questions
    1. How to create art work based on historical, and cultural references
    2. How to simulate various historical forms and know their influences
    3. How to create art work with interdisciplinary connections
    MA: Arts MA: Grades 5 - 8 Visual Arts
    PreK–12 STANDARD 4: Drafting, Revising, and Exhibiting
    4.4 Produce work that shows an understanding of the concept of craftsmanship
    4.5 Demonstrate the ability to describe preliminary concepts verbally; to visualize concepts in clear schematic layouts; and to organize and complete projects
    4.7 Maintain a portfolio of sketches and finished work
    MA: Arts MA: Grades 9 - 12 Connections
    PreK–12 STANDARD 8: Concepts of Style, Stylistic Influence, and Stylistic Change
    8.7 Identify works, genres, or styles that show the influence of two or more cultural traditions, and describe how the traditions are manifested in the work