• Yellow & Purple: Mathematics 7-2

    Instructors: Mrs. Anderson & Mrs. Hartwell



  • Week of April 6:

    We are ready to begin another week of Remote Learning. Please be sure that you have submitted all three of last week's assignments (OOO Maze, OOO Matching Activity, and OOO video suggestion). If not, please do so as soon as possible! Remember that all assignments for this week are due by Saturday, April 11th. There is no work listed for Friday because school was not scheduled on Friday of this week. Our topic for this week is Integers! Be sure to watch each video and complete the activity for each day. Please let me know if you have any questions! I miss seeing all of you! :)


    Topic for Week of April 6: Integers

    Mon: Adding Integers Video and Activity

    Tues: Subtract Integers Video & Add and Subtract Integers Activity

    Wed: Multiply & Divide Integers Video and Activity

    Thurs: Review of Integers Video & Integer Word Problems Activity


    We will be updating Infinite Campus weekly with your credit/no-credit marks.If something is not working through the Google Classroom, just let us know - we are learning all of this technology along with you. If you are struggling with a concept - feel free to access resources you have available - it could be an email to both of us, searching for a video on-line that explains the concept in a different way or asking someone at home if they can explain it to you. The options are endless - but the bottom line is that we are here for you each day and will respond to your questions as soon as possible. We miss seeing all of you! :)



    Mrs. Anderson & Mrs. Hartwell


    Week of April 1:

    HI Everyone,
    As you can see by Mrs. Kreuzer's email, we will be changing the way that we are conducting our Distance Learning. The expectation is that you will have about 20-25 minutes of work per class per day. We have created Google Classrooms, and most of our students have joined them already. If you have not joined, please check your KP email and accept the invitation. 

    The plan is to post all of the assignments at the beginning of each week. We know that some people work at their own pace or are sharing devices. For that reason, we will have all assignments for the week due by Saturday, but there will be work posted for each day. We know that this Distance Learning is new for everyone (including the two of us!) so we can be flexible, but please be sure to communicate with us if you are having trouble meeting the deadlines.

    This week, we will be working on the Order of Operations. On Wednesday, students will be watching a video to refresh their memory and then completing a matching activity. On Thursday, students will be completing two mazes by following the Order of Operations. On Friday, students will be finding and recommending a video to me about the Order of Operations. They will fill out a form letting me know which video they recommend, summarizing the video, and letting me know why they chose that one. We can even use these videos to add to the ones we show in class, and you know how much we love a music video to reinforce the math concepts that we are working on! Don't forget to share the assignments when you are done. If you can not complete the activities on the computer, no problem! You can print and scan back to us, you can complete the work on a separate sheet of paper and take a picture and send it back to us. We am here to help, so please let us know what you need!

    We are checking email regularly. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

    We hope all are healthy and safe!
    Mrs. Anderson & Mrs. Hartwell


    Math During School Closure

    Hello Students and Parents!

    We hope that you are all safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. It can be helpful to keep some sort of a "normal" schedule while school is not in session. We wanted to give you a list of recommended math topics and some websites to keep your math skills up-to-date!  Watching a video from Khan Academy and doing some practice problems every ‘school’ day is a great way to keep your math skills sharp.  You might choose to use Catch-Up Math to see where you might need some extra practice. See below for more information.

    CatchUp Math: 
    This program has the student take a pretest to assess their areas of strength and weakness. The results of the assessment allows the program to adapt the review to each individual student's needs. 

    Username:  KPMS861
    Password:  quizme

    Students sign in from here.

    Khan Academy: 
    This program has video examples and explanations. Students can practice with additional problems. Suggested topics can be found below by grade and level.  


    Grade 7 Level 1 and Level 2:
    Negative Numbers: Addition and Subtraction (all topics)
    Negative Numbers: Multiplication and Division (all topics)
    Fractions, decimals & percentages (all topics)
    Rates and proportional relationships (all topics)
    Expressions, equations & inequalities (all topics)

    Grade 7 Extended:
    Negative Numbers: Addition and Subtraction (all topics)
    Negative Numbers: Multiplication and Division (all topics)
    Fractions, decimals & percentages (all topics)
    Rates and proportional relationships (all topics)
    Expressions, equations & inequalities (all topics)
    Statistics and probability (all topics)

    The school is recommending that students should work on each subject for about 30 minutes a day about three times a week.  You can break it up however you would like. Maybe spend a half hour one day on each math and science and then a half hour the next day on each history and ELA. Find what works best for you and your family.


    Remember that there are many ways to practice math. For example, at my house, we have been doing a lot of baking and my boys have been in charge of reading the recipes and measuring the ingredients. We have also been playing a lot of board games like Yahtzee, Rummikub, Quirkle and other cards games too. Feel free to have a little fun with it. 


    In addition, our class website has also updated my website with even more math resources. https://www.kingphilip.org/Domain/827 

    Click on Helpful Resources and then Great Math Websites. There you can find recommendations for websites that contain worksheets, flashcards, and math games. My suggestion would be to focus on topics such as Equations, Integers, Fractions, Decimals, or Percents. 


    We are both checking our email consistently Monday through Friday and will be available to offer support with math concepts, answer questions, etc. We know that some of you may not have access to a computer or may not have time to look into any of these options.  These are suggested activities to keep you sharp and review important concepts. Please do what is best for you and your family.

    Please reach out if we can support you in additional ways. 


    Deb Anderson (andersond@kingphilip.org) and Whitney Hartwell (hartwellw@kingphilip.org)


    Week of March 9:

         Mon: Study for Quiz

         Tues: Finish Picture

         Wed: Area & Perimeter Wksht

         Thurs: Circ of Circles Wksht

         Fri: Area of Circles Wksht


    Week of March 2:

         Mon: Work on  % Big Book (Due Fri 3/6)

         Tues: Simple Interest Wksht

         Wed: Percent Error Wksht

         Thurs: Rev ? A & Finish Big Book

         Fri: None


    Week of February 24:

         Mon: Frac, Dec, % Wksht

         Tues: % Problems with Proportions Wksht

         Wed: % Problems with Equations Wksht

         Thurs: Review of % Problems Wksht

         Fri: None


    Week of February 10:

         Mon: Maps & Scales Wksht

         Tues: Review Question A

         Wed: RRP Practice Test

         Thurs: Study & Finish Big Book

         Fri: None


    Week of February 3:

          Mon: Study for Quiz

         Tues: None

         Wed: Congruent Figures Wksht

         Thurs: Similar Figures Wksht

         Fri: None


    Week of January 27:

         Mon: None

         Tues: Proportionality Wksht

         Wed: Solving Proportions Wksht

         Thurs: Prob Solving with Prop Wksht

         Fri: None


    Week of January 20:

         Mon: No School

         Tues: None

         Wed: None

         Thurs: Rates & Ratios Wksht

         Fri: None


    Week of January 13:

    Be ready for notebook quizzes this week or next!

         Mon: Fraction Equations Wksht

         Tues: Fraction Word Problems Wksht

         Wed: Fraction Practice Test

         Thurs: Finish Big Book

         Fri: None


    Week of January 6:

        Mon: Multipying Pos/Neg Fractions Wksht

         Tues: Dividing Pos/Neg Fractions Wksht

         Wed: Study for Quiz

         Thurs: Fraction Review Question A

         Fri: None


    Week of December 30:

         Mon: No School

         Tues: No School

         Wed: No School

         Thurs: Add & Subt Pos/Neg Fractions Wksht

         Fri: None


    Week of December 16:

         Mon: Review ? A

         Tues: None

         Wed: Fraction to Decimals Wksht

         Thurs: None

         Fri: None


    Week of December 9:

         Mon: Two Step Decimal Equations Wksht

         Tues: Decimal Word Problems Wksht

         Wed: Decimal Practice Test

         Thurs: Study for Test

         Fri: None


    Week of December 2:

         Mon: Study for Quiz

         Tues: SNOW DAY

         Wed: None

         Thurs: One Step Decimal Equations Wksht

         Fri: None


    Week of November 25:

           Mon: Mult Pos/Neg Decimals Wksht

         Tues: None

         Wed: None

         Thurs: Happy Thanksgiving

         Fri: No School


    Week of November 18:

         Mon: Dist Prop with Integers Wksht

         Tues: CLT with Integers Wksht

         Wed: Add & Subtract Pos/Neg Decimals Wksht

         Thurs: None

         Fri: None


    Week of November 11:

         Mon: No School

         Tues: Integer Practice Test

         Wed: Study for Test

         Thurs: None

         Fri: Finish Face


    Week of November 4:

    Notebook Quizzes this Week!!!

         Mon: OOO & Word Problems Wksht

         Tues: Study for Quiz

         Wed: Finish Big Book

         Thurs: Review Question A

         Fri: None


    Week of October 29:

         Mon: Study for Quiz and Finish Graph Project

         Tues: Multiply and Divide Integers Wksht

         Wed: One Step Integer Equations

         Thurs: Two Step Integer Equations

         Fri: None


    Week of October 21:

            Mon: Study for Quiz

         Tues: Work of Pos/Neg Graph (due Tues 10/29)

         Wed: Adding Integers Wksht

         Thurs: Subtracting Integers Wksht

         Fri: Keep working on Pos/Neg Graph (due Tues 10/29) 


    Week of October 14:

         Mon: No School; Columbus Day

         Tues: Professional Development Day; No School for Students

         Wed: Intro to Integers Wksht

         Thurs: Compare & Order Integers Wksht

         Fri: None


    Week of October 7:

         Mon: CLT & Dist Prop Equations Wksht

         Tues: Pre-Alg Unit Practice Test

         Wed: Work on Big Book and Study for Test

         Thurs: Review Question A and Finish Big Book

         Fri: None


    Week of September 30:

          Mon: + & - Equatiosn Wksht

         Tues: * & / Equations Wksht 

         Wed: Two Step Equations Wksht

         Thurs: Write About Equations & Study

         Fri: None


    Week of September 23:

         Mon: Formulas and Tables Wksht

         Tues: Translating Expressions Wksht

         Wed: Study for Quiz

         Thurs: Study for Quiz

         Fri: None


    Week of September 16:

         Mon: Study for Quiz

         Tues: None

         Wed: Factor Wksht

         Thurs: Formulas and Varialbes Wksht

         Fri: None


    Week of September 9:

         Mon: Distributive Property Wksht

         Tues: Combining Like Terms Wksht

         Wed: Decimals Wksht

         Thurs: Fraction Wksht

         Fri: None


    Week of September 2:

    Summer Math Packet due Mon 9/9

         Wed: Welcome!!!

         Thurs: Math is Everywhere

         Fri: OOO Wksht