• Yellow & Purple: Mathematics 7-2

    Instructors: Mrs. Anderson & Mrs. Hartwell



  • Week of February 24:

         Mon: Frac, Dec, % Wksht

         Tues: % Problems with Proportions Wksht

         Wed: % Problems with Equations Wksht

         Thurs: Review of % Problems Wksht

         Fri: None


    Week of February 10:

         Mon: Maps & Scales Wksht

         Tues: Review Question A

         Wed: RRP Practice Test

         Thurs: Study & Finish Big Book

         Fri: None


    Week of February 3:

          Mon: Study for Quiz

         Tues: None

         Wed: Congruent Figures Wksht

         Thurs: Similar Figures Wksht

         Fri: None


    Week of January 27:

         Mon: None

         Tues: Proportionality Wksht

         Wed: Solving Proportions Wksht

         Thurs: Prob Solving with Prop Wksht

         Fri: None


    Week of January 20:

         Mon: No School

         Tues: None

         Wed: None

         Thurs: Rates & Ratios Wksht

         Fri: None


    Week of January 13:

    Be ready for notebook quizzes this week or next!

         Mon: Fraction Equations Wksht

         Tues: Fraction Word Problems Wksht

         Wed: Fraction Practice Test

         Thurs: Finish Big Book

         Fri: None


    Week of January 6:

        Mon: Multipying Pos/Neg Fractions Wksht

         Tues: Dividing Pos/Neg Fractions Wksht

         Wed: Study for Quiz

         Thurs: Fraction Review Question A

         Fri: None


    Week of December 30:

         Mon: No School

         Tues: No School

         Wed: No School

         Thurs: Add & Subt Pos/Neg Fractions Wksht

         Fri: None


    Week of December 16:

         Mon: Review ? A

         Tues: None

         Wed: Fraction to Decimals Wksht

         Thurs: None

         Fri: None


    Week of December 9:

         Mon: Two Step Decimal Equations Wksht

         Tues: Decimal Word Problems Wksht

         Wed: Decimal Practice Test

         Thurs: Study for Test

         Fri: None


    Week of December 2:

         Mon: Study for Quiz

         Tues: SNOW DAY

         Wed: None

         Thurs: One Step Decimal Equations Wksht

         Fri: None


    Week of November 25:

           Mon: Mult Pos/Neg Decimals Wksht

         Tues: None

         Wed: None

         Thurs: Happy Thanksgiving

         Fri: No School


    Week of November 18:

         Mon: Dist Prop with Integers Wksht

         Tues: CLT with Integers Wksht

         Wed: Add & Subtract Pos/Neg Decimals Wksht

         Thurs: None

         Fri: None


    Week of November 11:

         Mon: No School

         Tues: Integer Practice Test

         Wed: Study for Test

         Thurs: None

         Fri: Finish Face


    Week of November 4:

    Notebook Quizzes this Week!!!

         Mon: OOO & Word Problems Wksht

         Tues: Study for Quiz

         Wed: Finish Big Book

         Thurs: Review Question A

         Fri: None


    Week of October 29:

         Mon: Study for Quiz and Finish Graph Project

         Tues: Multiply and Divide Integers Wksht

         Wed: One Step Integer Equations

         Thurs: Two Step Integer Equations

         Fri: None


    Week of October 21:

            Mon: Study for Quiz

         Tues: Work of Pos/Neg Graph (due Tues 10/29)

         Wed: Adding Integers Wksht

         Thurs: Subtracting Integers Wksht

         Fri: Keep working on Pos/Neg Graph (due Tues 10/29) 


    Week of October 14:

         Mon: No School; Columbus Day

         Tues: Professional Development Day; No School for Students

         Wed: Intro to Integers Wksht

         Thurs: Compare & Order Integers Wksht

         Fri: None


    Week of October 7:

         Mon: CLT & Dist Prop Equations Wksht

         Tues: Pre-Alg Unit Practice Test

         Wed: Work on Big Book and Study for Test

         Thurs: Review Question A and Finish Big Book

         Fri: None


    Week of September 30:

          Mon: + & - Equatiosn Wksht

         Tues: * & / Equations Wksht 

         Wed: Two Step Equations Wksht

         Thurs: Write About Equations & Study

         Fri: None


    Week of September 23:

         Mon: Formulas and Tables Wksht

         Tues: Translating Expressions Wksht

         Wed: Study for Quiz

         Thurs: Study for Quiz

         Fri: None


    Week of September 16:

         Mon: Study for Quiz

         Tues: None

         Wed: Factor Wksht

         Thurs: Formulas and Varialbes Wksht

         Fri: None


    Week of September 9:

         Mon: Distributive Property Wksht

         Tues: Combining Like Terms Wksht

         Wed: Decimals Wksht

         Thurs: Fraction Wksht

         Fri: None


    Week of September 2:

    Summer Math Packet due Mon 9/9

         Wed: Welcome!!!

         Thurs: Math is Everywhere

         Fri: OOO Wksht