• Language Arts 8-1: Period-D

    Instructor: Ms. Stoller

    It is with excitement and enthusiasm that I introduce the Grade 8 curriculum.   In this challenging, fast-paced course, students will engage in lots of listening, speaking, reading and writing experiences.  Seven Daughters and Seven Sons,  an abridged version of  A Midsummer Night's Dream, the screenplay of "The Diary of Anne Frank," and the documentary novel, Monster represent the core literature selections for 2016-2017.  Students will hone their analytical writing skills by learning to effectively integrate quotes and text evidence in their writing.  Grammar concepts will be introduced and reinforced through writing.  Vocabulary will be taught within the context of award winning literature.  Students will learn to annotate text and read closely and critically.  Research writing concepts and skills will be introduced and reinforced throughout the year.  Finally, students will read self-selected books,  and respond to what they have read as part of the Read 24/7 Grade 8 Independent Reading Program at King Philip Middle School.