• Frequently Asked Questions

    What day do I stay for office hours?

    I stay Wednesday through Friday. Please feel free to see me during SAT time for makeup or extra help.


    What will homework be like in this class?

    Homework in this class should not be too stressful or demanding.

    Read independently for twenty or minutes each day.

    You may have to finish a writing assignment or project to meet a deadline.

    Always word process any final drafts. Type your homework
    assignments. Be sure your computer and printer are working. Be sure you
    have enough ink in your printer cartridge. Be sure to include the proper
    paper heading.


    What format is used for written assignments?

    Journal entries, essays, poetry,and any writing assignments should be
    typed and double spaced using 12 point font. If you are
    having printer problems, please save your work to your flash drive
    and get it printed in the computer lab before class begins. A proper paper
    heading is required or you will lose 10 points off your final draft. The MLA
    heading will be used throughout the year.

    MLA Heading

    Your name
    Ms. Stoller
    Color of class
    day month year


    April Witter

    Ms. Stoller

    Purple class

    10 September 2010


    What happens if I forget my homework in my locker?

    You only receive credit for daily homework which is on your
    desk at the start of class. Graded assignments may be turned
    in one day late. Ten points will be taken off for a late graded assignment.
    Twenty points will be taken off if the assignment is two days late. Thirty
    points will be automatically deducted if you do not have an assignment which
    is due on a Friday. There will be no exceptions to this policy.


    When is the proper time to sharpen a pencil or use the restroom?

    Please take care of all person business upon entering the class.
    No passes will be given once class begins.


    What materials do I need to bring to class every day?

    A half inch, two pocket, three ring binder must be brought
    to class each day and brought home each night. Have something to write
    with,a highlighter,and reinforcements for handouts I give you. Be sure to
    bring the book we are reading and a pleasure reading book. DON'T FORGET YOUR
    FLASH DRIVE when we are writing in the computer lab.


    If I am absent, how do I find out what work I missed?

    Go to the COLOR CODED Folder on the bulletin board in the back of the classroom. Your makeup work will be waiting for you on the top of the pile in the box. See me if you have any questions.


    How will I keep track of my efforts, improvements and achievements?

    Every student in this class will save all work in your binder.
    We will keep a reading log of all the books we've read. We will set writing
    goals and analyze our progress. We will keep all graded writing, quizzes,
    essays, pictures of projects, and pictures of plays in our binder.


    How will work be graded in this class?

    Your grade will be based on your independent reading, your writing, and any quizzes,

    tests or projects we complete.


    What books will we read this quarter?

    We may or may not read a novel together. The books you read will be selected by you!!


    If I want to check out a book, where can I get them?

    Ms. Stoller's many book shelves, from home, or from any library.

    What types of writing will we do each term?

    Perhaps we will write a brief short story, essay, news article, reader response essays

    based on independent reading, and descriptive pieces that show terrific description..