• Project 2: Action Event

    Remember, you are summarizing and making a highlight film of an event. Be sure your shots reflect the action of the event and tell the story. You should not have to tell the audience too much - Let the action tell the story.

    Your Action Event movie should include:

    General Video Requirements:

    • Suggenstion: 10-20 Shots
    • Requirement: 2-3 minutes in length
    • Include Natural Sound

    The following Forms may help you stay organized:

    Assignment to turn in:
    ) Complete & Share: Project 2: Action Event Reflection Questions


    For Your Reference: Media Arts - Video Assessment Rubric
    For Your Reference: Video Shooting Tips using this Student Guide

    Instructions to Transfer Videos from Camcorder to Class Folder:

    • On Camcorder:
    • Connect camcorder & PC with USB cable
    • "USB Connect" on Touch Screen
    • On Computer:
    • If Autoplay pops up, select "Removable Disk E"
    • If not, Click Folder on Startbar, then select Removable Disk E"
    • Double-Click on MP_ROOT Folder
    • Double-Click on 100PNV01 Folder
    • Newest Movies are at the bottom
    • Highlight files you want to copy (use CTRL+Click to select multiple files)
    • Right-Click Copy
    • Click on Media Arts # (E: or F:) Drive (Below Computer in left panel)
    • Double-Click on your Class Folder
    • Right-Click Paste (or CTRL-V)

    To convert YouTube music/videos into mp3 (audio) or wmv (video) format:
    Use #1) convertfiles.com
    or #2) savefrom.net

    Tutorials to use each of these sites are below

    convertfiles.com:       savefrom.net:



    Items to Include in your Video:

    • Opening Title
    • End Credits (with Your Names, Class, Group #, and Date)
    • Video Transitions

    To turn in your project, Export Your Movie:

    • Click once on the "Program Monitor" window (top right preview window)
    • File
    • Export
    • Media
    • Export Settings (upper right):
      • Format: Windows Media
      • Output Name: ## Color Class, Group #, Action Event Title (Save in: Media Arts Drive / Your Class Folder )
    • Source Range (lower left): Entire Sequence
    • Export