Project 3: News Stories

    In the process of creating a news broadcast, you will learn about specific news editing techniques and the journalistic code of ethics.

    You will work in teams to select a subject, conduct an interview, and report a story. You may focus on one topic (feature story) or incorporate many topics (national news, local news, sports, weather, entertainment, etc.).

    You will also learn to incorporate video elements in news stories, such as interview sound bites, reporter stand-up, b-roll footage, natural sound, supers, and reporter narration.

    Your News Story should include:

    • General Video Requirements:
      • 10–20 shots.
      • A sequence of at least five shots.
      • Submit a script for a short reporter stand-up segment.
      • Video should be 2–3 minutes in length.
    • Technical & Ethical Requirements:
      • You should include theme music (start and end).
      • The video must incorporate supers
      • The video must properly use copyright citation and fair use guidelines where applicable.
      • The video must apply the Journalistic Code of Ethics.
    • The following Forms may help you stay organized:
      Assignments to turn in:
    • 1) Print and Hand In: Project 3: News Stories Reflection Questions
    • 2) Print and Hand In: Media Arts - Video Assessment Rubric

    Instructions to Transfer Videos from Camcorder to Class Folder:

    • On Camcorder:
    • Connect camcorder & PC with USB cable
    • "USB Connect" on Touch Screen
    • On Computer:
    • If Autoplay pops up, select "Removable Disk E"
    • If not, Click Folder on Startbar, then select Removable Disk E"
    • Double-Click on MP_ROOT Folder
    • Double-Click on 100PNV01 Folder
    • Newest Movies are at the bottom
    • Highlight files you want to copy (use CTRL+Click to select multiple files)
    • Right-Click Copy
    • Click on Media Arts # (E: or F:) Drive (Below Computer in left panel)
    • Double-Click on your Class Folder
    • Right-Click Paste (or CTRL-V)



    To convert YouTube music/videos into mp3 (audio) or wmv (video) format:
    Use #1) convertfiles.com
     or #2) savefrom.net

    Tutorials to use each of these sites are below

    convertfiles.com:       savefrom.net:


    Items to Include in your Video:

    • Opening Title
    • End Credits (with Your Names, Class, Group #, and Date)
    • Supers over any shots that need them (Title, New Title, Name it, Templates, Category, low3 or LowerThird choices)
    • Video Transitions
    • Theme Music at beginning and end of your News Story (fade out at beginning before talking starts, fade in at end when broadcast is over)

    To turn in your project, Export Your Movie:

    • Click once on the "Program Monitor" window (top right preview window)
    • File
    • Export
    • Media
    • Export Settings (upper right):
      • Format: Windows Media
      • Output Name: ## Color Class, Group #, News Story Title (Save in: Media Arts Drive / Your Class Folder )
    • Source Range (lower left): Entire Sequence
    • Export