• Project 10: Final Project

    For your Final Project in Media Arts, you may design your own movie!

    Do you want to make your own original short movie? Create a skit or play to act out? Make a music video with your friends? Plan another action event, now that your filmmaking and acting skills are better than at the beginning of the term? Something else original?

    It is completely up to you. Feel free to be creative!

    Project guidelines:
      • Length is up to you.
      • You may Include still images that incorporate transitions and effects.
      • You may Include any motion and video effects, and audio effects.
      • You may Include a musical score.
      • You must Include an opening title and full end credits.
      • You must Apply copyright citation and fair use guidelines where applicable.
      • You must Follow the Journalistic Code of Ethics.


    Instructions to Transfer Videos from Camcorder to Class Folder:

    • On Camcorder:
    • Connect camcorder & PC with USB cable
    • "USB Connect" on Touch Screen
    • On Computer:
    • If Autoplay pops up, select "Removable Disk E"
    • If not, Click Folder on Startbar, then select Removable Disk E"
    • Double-Click on MP_ROOT Folder
    • Double-Click on 100PNV01 Folder
    • Newest Movies are at the bottom
    • Highlight files you want to copy (use CTRL+Click to select multiple files)
    • Right-Click Copy
    • Click on Media Arts # (E: or F:) Drive (Below Computer in left panel)
    • Double-Click on your Class Folder
    • Right-Click Paste (or CTRL-V)



    To convert YouTube music/videos into mp3 (audio) or wmv (video) format:
    Use #1) convertfiles.com
     or #2) savefrom.net

    Tutorials to use each of these sites are below

    convertfiles.com:       savefrom.net:


    To turn in your project, Export Your Movie:

    • Click once on the "Program Monitor" window (top right preview window)
    • File
    • Export
    • Media
    • Export Settings (upper right):
      • Format: Windows Media 
      • Output Name: ## Color Class, Final Project Title, Group # (Save in: Media Arts Drive / Your Class Folder )
    • Source Range (lower left): Entire Sequence
    • Export