• Spanish 1: Period-C

    Instructor: Mr. Bean


  • Online Homework

    As the MCAS takes place, students have been assigned and online assigment using two websties, www.vhlcentral.com and http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/spanish/mividaloca/ep01/ . The paper given to students to assist in completing the assignments is attached in the documents section of our fusion page. If anyone has issues completing the assignments, please see me. Buena Suerte (Good Luck!) - Sr. Bean

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  • Chapter 4 Presentation

    Unit four specializing in sports and irregular vers will conclude on Thursday 3/23/17 with presentations students have been preparing. Seńor Bean looks forward to seeing his estudiantes show of their espańol skills learned during the Unit.

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  • Quiz Friday 1/10/17

    "Espańol" is moving along in the "clase de Seńor Bean". Unit 3 of family has been completed ending with student presentations and booklets dedicated to the topic of family. We are now in our second week of unit 4 covering the subject of "deportes" or sports. This Friday will be the first quiz on this new theme. Students may focus on studying pages 116 and 150 for added practice.

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  • Family Presentation Project - Thursday Jan. 26

    Students will be creating a simple "libro" or book about their families and presenting two family members to the class. The presentations will take place on Friday and the "libros" will be passed in on Thursday. we are all looking forward to learning about each others families in "Espańol"!

    For more information, see the pdf document at the files section describing this project.

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    For the rest of January into February, Seńor Bean's Extra Help Day will be changed to Tuesday, rather than Thursday. All students are welcome to attend.

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  • Reading a Book in Spanish, BERTO y sus Buenas Ideas

    We have started reading a short novel in Spanish entitled, Berto y sus Buenas Ideas (Berto and his good Ideas). The short novel is being read at the start of every week. A PDF copy of chapters 3 and 4 of the novel is located at the bottom of this page in the attachments sections. Students may use it to fully complete HW assignments if needed.

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  • Online copy of complete text of noevel, Berto y sus Buenas Ideas

    Berto y sus Buenas Ideas (Online copy of book - Click on the work Berto )

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  • Hola Amigos!

    Hola Amigos!
    Espanol continues and now it is almost our holiday break! We are now unto our third Unit learning about Family. A final chapter 2 quiz has already been completed by students. Term 1 is completed, and so many good things await us in Espanol!

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  • Classroom Diorama Project

    This Friday (11/4), Seńor Bean's Spanish class will be connecting his Mexican wife, Seńora Bean, via Skype. Students will present a diorama class room in Spanish to Seńora Bean. She is looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing the wonderful classrooms you create.
    PS - This project/presentation is worth 30 points so make sure your ready and prepared with a classroom diorama on Friday.

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  • Quiz # 3

    Our third Spanish will be given this Friday, 10/21.
    It will cover topics in class such as recent vocabulary and verbs, and well and numbers and telling time. Study guides were distributed to students on Monday, (10/17).

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  • Second Quiz Completed!

    Students completed a second quiz on much that has been covered this year. Topics addressed included:
    - Artilces and gender agreement
    - School and descriptive vocabulary
    - Questions Words
    - Important verb familiarity of key terms such as;
    tiene (has), es (is) hay (there is) le dice (says) le da (gives) trabaja (works) descansa (rests)
    va a (goes to) viaja (travels)

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    The first extra help day will take place this Thursday (9/22). Last week's session was canceled due to the power-outage. Please come if you are concerned about grades or just keeping up in general.
    Seńor Bean

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  • 1st Prueba

    The first prueba or quiz took place on Monday 9/19. It was an open notebook quiz worth 25 points. Most students did well. To those that did, Seńor Bean says; "ˇMUY BIEN!"

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  • 5 things about you project due Monday

    Read directions of class yellow paper passed out Thursday (9/8) and be sure to print two copies.

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  • ˇHola!

    ˇHola mis estudiantes y bienvenidos! (Hello students and welcome!)
    I am excited to have all of you in my class this year as we embark on a Spanish Speaking wonderland together! Get ready to learn and enter a new world. ˇEspańol está esperando! (Spanish is waiting!)

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Discussion Topics

  • PowerPoint about you

    Posted by Howard Bean on 9/1/2016 4:49:00 PM
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