• Cultural Studies: Period-E

    Instructor: Mrs. Brenneis


  • Story Project Ch 4

    Due Mon 4/3 Description is attached in assignments.

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  • Verb vocab quiz

    Study the 30 stem change verbs for a matching verb quiz 3/17

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  • Vocab Quiz Ch 4

    Quiz Thurs 3/9 Study Sports, pastimes, locations in the town and the verb ir to go

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  • PANAMA connection

    Just an update to the wonderful progress on this project! Students not only donated over $200 (and with my matching donation we sent $465.00!!!!)but they also wrote letters and donated supplies for the school children in Cocle, Panama. We have connected with Volunteer Patrick Sephton from Amherst, MA and have been corresponding with him periodically over email. Today we are sending out a care …

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  • VHL activities due

    remember to finish activities ch 3 by wed night.

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  • extra help change

    this week only extra help will be moved to thurs. instead of wed.

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  • Quiz adjective agreement

    Wed. 1/18/17 review the rules in book 88-92. do practice exercises to study

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  • donations to Peace Corps Project

    If you choose to donate please do so by tomorrow. I will match all student donations to the project. The selected project is for a water sanitation project in panama with a peace Corps volunteer from MA. link can be found on the side "Water project"

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  • Quiz Family vocab

    Tuesday Jan 11 is a family vocabulary quiz.

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  • Living on one dollar a day

    My classes will be watching the video Living on one dollar a day to promote awareness of global poverty and some living conditions in Latin America. Students will be answering questions about he movie and its impact on their lives and be asked to think about ways to make a change in their own lives either monetarily or with a special act of kindness. The documentary streams on netflix if you are …

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  • storyboard

    We are starting a new project on storyboardthat.com. We began yesterday and all students were able to log on and set up a scene for their comic. Projects are due by the end of class on Monday. Criteria for success sheet is posted in the files section as comic strip checklist.

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  • VHL Online activities due tom Tue 10/25

    please use the link at the bottom of the page on the side ( textbook website) to access your class and complete the activities we started in the computer lab

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  • Quiz on articles and plurals 10/5

    Practice on studyspanish.com click Grammar then click lesson 1
    - do gendor of nouns 1
    - gender of nouns 2
    -plural forms of nouns
    -indefinite articles
    Read the lesson and do the practice quiz for each

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  • Extra Help

    Extra Help day is Wednesday after school. You may also come in for help during study hall.

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