7th Grade ELA Curriculum

  • Areas of Study

    7th Grade English Language Arts

    Mrs. Osborne ~ Room 303



    Summer Reading / Book Walk / placards with summaries           



    Literature Review: literary elements; literary devices; plot development; characterization/ character development; point of view; tone/mood; conflicts; theme; symbolism


    Variety of Short Stories from which to choose: 

              “Miss Awful”

              “Seventh Grade”                                           

              “Three-Century Woman”



              “The Dinner Party”

              “Thank You M’am”

              “After Twenty Years”

              “A Retrieved Reformation”

              “The Scholarship Jacket”



      Poetry Unit 

    Parts of Speech – review                                     “Nothing Gold Can Stay”                 

    MLA formatting                                              “The Charge of the Light Brigade”

    Knowing one’s Audience                                            “The Highway Man”

    Sentence Variety                                                     “White Umbrella”

    Integrating Quotes                                                  “Waters of Gold”

    Persuasive                                                                “Spring Harvest”

    Narrative                                                               “Eating Snow Peas”

    Expository                                                                 “Two Haiku”


    Peer Editing




    The Outsiders  (rf)

    Invisible Thread (m)

    The Giver  (f)

    The Acorn People (m)

    The Wave (m)

    Dirk the Protector (m)       


    Memoir Unit – free choice: students read memoir of their choice      


    Science Fiction / Drama



    “Sound of Thunder”

    “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”

    “Harrison Bergeron”

    “Exam Day”

    “The Twilight Zone”

    “Lucy Stone” (drama)

    “Eleanor Roosevelt” (biography)

    “Exploring the Titanic” (non-fiction)

    “What Do You know About Sharks?”  (non-fiction)

    “Great White Sharks” (non-fiction)