• mrc     Referral Toolkit for Staff

    Some of your students may benefit from a self-referral to the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission for employment supports in adult life or internship opportunities as available during high school years.

    If you are not sure if a student should be referred through a self-referral or a 688 referral, see the MRC Referral Flowchart

    This “MRC Self-Referral Toolkit” was created to help you inform students and families of the MRC services and complete the referral process. It includes active links to help you with each of the following:

    1. Introduction to MRC (to help you inform parents about MRC).
    2. MRC Brochure to provide students and parents more info about MRC. This can be provided at IEP meetings.
    3. Reciprocal Consent form that needs to be signed by the parent before the referral is made. This could be signed at the IEP meeting.
    4. MRC Referral: How to make the referral (for staff). Please review this prior to scheduling time to make the call with the student.
    5. MRC student script (for students making the call with support as needed).
    6. Consent to invite: once eligible, you are required to request signed consent to invite the MRC counselor to each IEP meeting.