• Project 6:  Micro:bit Game Development Options


    micro:bit Games


    Option 1) BBC Microbit Games


    Any of the Games listed you haven’t already done.


    Option 2) 101 Computing micro:bit Games


    Hogwarts Sorting Hat
    Gold Rush!
    The Queen’s Cupcake
    Tetris Game
    Rock Paper Scissors Game (or Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard)
    Higher or Lower Game
    Roll the Dice
    Digital Compass
    Magic 8 Ball
    Simon Game
    Car Racing Game
    Limit 33


    Option 3)  13 Top BBC Micro Bit Projects


    Morse Phone (Morse Code)
    Combination Lock
    Touch Arpeggiator
    Step Counter
    LED Circuit (Basic Coin) Game
    Racing Game
    Temperature Reader


    Option 4)  You may create your own project or game design…let’s see how creative you can be!