• The King Philip Middle School has the responsibility to help identify the students who, because of a disability, need or are believed to need services under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.  Generally the process includes:

    1.  Initial Referral. Must be submitted on the 504 Referral for Evaluation Form, which can be completed by parents or school personnel.

    2.  Parental Permission for an initial evaluation for 504 is sought and Parents are informed of their rights during the 504 process.  ( in this instance "evaluation" means the process of determining eligibility)

    3.  Initial Evaluation.  The 504 Coordinator collects appropriate information, data, testing results, medical records, and observations, as is appropriate.

    4.  A meeting is scheduled by the 504 Coordinator or her liason.  The TEAM will consist of:

    • individuals that are knowledgeable about the student (parent, teacher, support staff, etc)
    • individuals with knowledge about the meaning of the evaluation data (school psychologist, nurse, etc)

    5.  Eligibility determination, and if criteria is met, a 504 Plan is created by the TEAM.


    On a regular basis (at minimum annually) 504 Plans are reviewed for the purposes of updating, making modifications, the discontinuation of services, or termination of eligibility.  Should you wish to start the process for Section 504 Consideration, please fill out 504 Referral Form


    Should you have any questions, please reach out to the KPMS 504 Coordinator, Dr. Sarah Prevelige at email or by phone 508-541-7324, ext 2417