• The best way to help your student succeed in this class is to communicate! Check in with them about homework, assessments, projects, etc., to discuss their progress and offer support, and check in with me if you would like more information on their performance. 

    To further help them with specific tasks outside of the classroom... 

    • Edit their essays and/or have your student read their essay to you
    • Encourage independent reading, and check in with them about their "Free Read" progress
    • Monitor important dates
    • Check-in about homework by looking at their agenda
    • Quiz them for assessments by using my study guides provided in class
      • Please note that these study guides are designed with both my students and their parents/guardians in mind. Not only do I list the sections/layout of the test, I also provide the resources that can be used to study. By looking at the resources and QR codes on the study guide, you can help your student by having them teach you about the topic, quizzing them, and making sure they have reviewed all digital and hard-copy materials. 

    What is a QR code? A QR code or "Quick Response Code" that leads end-users to a website rather than making them type in an entire URL. QR codes in this classroom are used to link students directly to their lessons, vocabulary study sets, etc. through their homework and study guides. To scan these codes, open your tablet or smartphone's camera and simply hold the lens over the QR code until it focuses. Your device will automatically open the link that the QR code leads to! If you do not have a device or if you do not want your student using their phone so much, all of the links that QR codes are connected to can be found on my "Review Resources" page. This page (and other helpful links) are listed below!