• Google Classroom Codes:

    Period B - bsji0i

    Period C - wuh0b7

    Period D - 3b2et

    Period E - f1v2d6o

    Period G - w0w8oot


    Homework Troubleshooting:

    • If you are not allowed access to the doc it is because your device has a different (non KP) gmail address saved and by default is trying to access with that account.
      • Smartphone fix -- If you will be regularly doing HW from your device, I highly recommend integrating your KP gmail account into your phone so that you are able to toggle between the accounts freely. I also suggest installing the Google Docs app
      • Smartphone fix 2 -- If you will not be regularly using your device and/or do not want to integrate your email, access the google classroom WEBSITE (not app) from a private browser.
      • Computer fix -- open a private browser and sign into google classroom
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