Important Information

Important Information (please scroll all the way down!)

  • Please visit Google Classroom to log onto my class website by section color:  Red Orange Yellow  Green Blue

    Beginning on April 1st, you will be able to see each week's remote learning tasks posted on Google Classroom by Monday of each new week. 

    Here is a link for week 2 (April 6-13):

    Here is the link for week 3 (April 13-21)

    Don't forget to join Flocabulary on your Google Classroom page!

    Link for week 4:




    ALL Homework is on Google Classroom; Please look there for further information and to turn in.

    This peardeck-enhanced google slides presentation will lead you through the Remote learning assignment for 4/27-5/3

     (access link in Google Classroom)

    Use the link to join this Pear Deck activity!  This will lead you through:

    2 videos

    One Quizziz Game

    Introduction to Peergrade (after Wednesday)

    Unit Assessment (try your best!)


    Final Draft

    Activities from this week’s remote learning are due 5/3

    If you complete activities while waiting for your draft to be returned, please access Khan academy using “Sign-in with Google”

    Graded tasks assigned prior to the school closure:

    Week 6: 

    ALL Homework is on Google Classroom; Please look there for further information and to turn in.

    Part 1 of 3--Flocabulary: What is Poetry? This is part one of your Remote Learning May 4th-10th. Please complete all parts by 5/10. Use the sign in below.

    Part 2 of 3: After completing vocabulary choose 3 articles to read, then complete the quiz and write section. (This is posted as an announcement: once you complete the activities I will get your data from NewsELA, no need to download to google classroom!)

    Part 3 of 3:  Please select one: Fast Break OR The Gray Heron

    1.Choose One of the two videos      2.Watch the video    3.Take the google form "quiz"

    4. Submit your form by 5/10

    Links: Flocabulary




    Week 7: 


    An overview of this week’s lesson is in this slide presentation:


    Remote Learning 5/11: Ted Ed, Flocabulary: Types of Poetry & Create-a-poem1. Please open this week's Presentation

    1. When prompted in the session, follow the link to complete your Flocabulary assignment
    2. Attach or "turn-in" your poem

    To this week’s assignment in Google Classroom


    Due 5/26 Tuesday: Week 8 

    Remote Learning Assignment:  An Introduction to Science Fiction 


    This nearpod activity is interactive. Make sure to sign into google before starting any tasks.  Type your full name and class color when you click the link below  Just complete the activity on each slide and I will receive your data. 



    Remote Learning week 9: Due 6/3/20

    You will read, listen to and watch two short science fiction stories. Complete the Nearpod activities and choose one of the 3 selections to create a storyboard of:

    Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed

    The Last Dog

    The Monsters are Due on Maple Street

    If you complete activities early, please access Khan academy using “Sign-in with Google”

    Due May 22nd: Magazine Article for Independent Reading

    submit to Google Classroom


    Additional information and submission guidelines are accessible through Google Classroom!