• To change your login password for either Windows or Google:

    As long as you can currently log in you can do this to change your password.
    First sign in to your Google account on any web browser (you do not need to be at the school)
    Click your profile in the top right and click "Google Account"
    On this next screen click "Security" on the left then "Password" in the middle of the page.
    Google will ask you to verify your current password before continuing.
    On the next window, enter your full email address, current password, then new password and repeat new password.
    Your new password must be at least 8 characters long, have 1 uppercase 1 lowercase and 1 symbol or number.  It also can not contain a persons name.
    Click submit.
    This will now be your password the next time you log in to Google, a chromebook, or a KP Windows machine.