Director of Finance & Operations

Mr. Larry Azer


(508) 520-7991 ext. 2301


  1. Most Recent Budget Info
  2. FAQ
  3. Background Budget Information
  4. Past Superintendent’s Presentations for FY 18
  5. Reduction Ladder (updated 5/24/2017)
  1. FY17 Appropriations
  2. FY17 Assessments (Various Member Town Assessment Calculations)
  3. FY17 Debt Service
    • FY17 Debt Service Assessment (Prop 2 1/2 Excluded Debt Service Assessment Calculation)
    • FY17 Debt Service Budget (This shows the ten year budget for the Prop 2 1/2 Excluded Debt Service)
    • FY17 KP Capital Plan (This is a 20 plus year capital plan for King Philip to give the member towns a flavor of the future capital needs of the District. NOTE: This is an 11″x17″ document)
    • FY17 Turf Assessment (This shows the calculation for the assessments for the Turf Field Project. Note that there are two assessment numbers provided. The lower assessment is as a result of the District receiving 100% of the earmarked funds in FY 16. The higher calculation takes into account the $50,000 already received from the Commonwealth.)
  4. FY17 Enrollment (Student Enrollment Forecasts)
    • FY17 Enrollment 10/1/2015 (This is the October 1, 2015 enrollment for the District. This provides the allocation of the following year’s budgets (FY17).)
    • FY17 Pupil Projections 3yr (This document shows a chart of the forecast enrollments for the next three years as well as the detail by grade. The District uses the three year weighted average cohort methodology.)
  5. FY17 Presentations
  6. FY17 State Aid
    • FY17 Governor’s Local Aid Budget (This the Chapter 70 Aid, Transportation Aid, Charter Reimbursement Aid as well as the assessments for Charter Schools and School Choice according to the Governor’s Proposed Budget)
  7. FY17 DESE Charts (Informative Charts provided by DESE)