Mr. Joseph J. Ferreira, Jr.

Phone: 508-384-1000, x. 3255


Degrees and Certifications:

1987 - Bachelor of Arts in History & Social Sciences - Rhode Island College 1988 - Certificate of Graduate Studies in British Imperial and Canadian Political History - Western University, London, Ontario, Canada 1996 - Master of Arts in Teaching History & British Imperial & Commonwealth History - Rhode Island College MA Teaching Certification: History, 9 - 12

Mr. Joseph J. Ferreira, Jr.

Rm. 255 - Academic Wing
Grady Theatre/Rm. 461 - Theatre/Arts Wing

I have been with the KPRHS Department of History & Social Sciences since 1996 as a teacher of College Preparatory and Honours Modern World History. I have also taught US History, World Cultures and Technical Theatre.  I am a co-director of the high school Drama & GAPS program and the manager of the school district's theatre spaces.

Teaching Fellowships in History

Professional Memberships:

My complete professional resume may be found here.

Unusual facts about me:

  • I have been in the vicinity of terrorist bombings or foiled bomb plots in London three times in my life (and I am NOT anxious to try for a fourth time!).
  • My favourite film directors are Alfred Hitchcock & Mel Brooks.
  • I am a big fan of Opus, the penguin from the recently resurrected comic strip "Bloom County."
  • I was accepted into graduate school at Columbia University, but the University of Western Ontario gave me a full tuition scholarship AND a teaching assistantship for income, so I went to Canada.
  • I once fell asleep (from jet lag) on the shoulder of a countess in the Royal Box at the Prince Edward Theatre in London while watching the musical Chess.

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Student World History Podcast - Period B

Student World History Podcast - Period C

  • C: Cahoon, Carr, Kennedy - Henry VIII

    by Cahoon, Carr, Kennedy Length: 5 minutes

    Aninterview with King Henry VIII of England.

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  • C: Crowley, Parker - Josip Broz Tito

    by Crowley, Parker Length: 5 minutes

    An interview with Yugoslavian Communist dictator Marshal Tito.

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  • C: Giancioppo, Klein, Wilkinson - William Wallace

    by Giancioppo, Klein, Wilkinson Length: 5 minutes

    An interview with Scotland's original freedom fighter, William Wallace.

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  • C: Griffin, DiGiacomo, Sullivan - Vladimir Lenin

    by Griffin, DiGiacomo, Sullivan Length: 5 minutes

    An interview with Russian communist leader Vladimir Lenin.

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  • C: Hurley, Graham - Josef Stalin

    by Hurley, Graham Length: 5 minutes

    An interview with Soviet communist dictator, Josef Stalin.

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  • C: Manzi, Stephani, Webster - Charles Dickens

    by Manzi, Stephani, Webster Length: 5 minutes

    An interview with Charles Dickens about his childhood experience influences on his writing.

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  • C: Nelson, McManus, Melanson - A. Frank

    by Nelson, McManus, Melanson Length: 5 minutes

    An interview with noted Holocaust figure Anne Frank.

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  • C: Rhines, Denholm - Napoleon Bonaparte

    by Rhines, Denholm Length: 5 minutes

    An interview with Emperor Napoleon I of France.

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  • C: Robinson, Hamilton - John Stuart Mill

    by Robinson, Hamilton Length: 5 minutes

    An interview with utilitarian philosopher John Stuart Mill.

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  • C: Roy, M Kelley, G Kelley - Adolf Hitler

    by Roy, M Kelley, G Kelley Length: 5 minutes

    An interview with Nazi Germany dictator, Adolf Hitler.

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