Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Cheryl Rowe

My name is Cheryl Rowe, I am the media specialist at King Philip H.S.  My office is located in the Student Support Center.

The student support center (aka Library) has become a hub of activity over the past serveral years. 

In our student Support Center you have access to

Books/Research materials

Desktop computer and Loaner Laptops

VHS classes

Peer tutoring/writing center

Student Run help desk

If you need help in any of the above listed areas or questions/ideas of how we can make the center even better please stop by or email me at



    The Peer tutoring center is in its 5th year here at KPHS.  It has evolved over the years to the point that we now have over 30 peer tutors available to assist students during the school day.  Our tutors are availabe in the Student Support Center (library) every period of the day.  Student can accses the tutors during their study halls and/or if they are enrolled in academic support classes.

    New to the tutoring center this year is a writing support center.  Tutors will work with students to help improve their understanding of the writing assignments, help develop ideas, revise a draft or work on areas of grammar, style, citation or formatting.  Tutors can proofread and make suggestions but cannot edit papers.


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    The Internship in student help desk will be a hands on course that will promote real life skills in technology support and instruction. Students working in collaboration with the technology department will have the opportunities to learn how to prioritize support requests and respond in a timely manner to service tickets.  Students will learn how to track requests and create data to report on trends in technology issues and research ways to address common issues to help reduce requests.  Students will have the opportunity to design their own learning with a developed focus in any of the following areas:  digital signage, social media, hardware repair, software and educational app trends, create instructional videos and blogs to support current technology any other technology related areas.

    Course Objectives:

    Teach students

    • how to solve real-life technology issues.
    • procedures for providing support and effective communication skills using proper etiquette through email and in-person interactions
    • Prioritizing and task management skills
    • How to create digital signage for effective communication of programs and events
    • Proper way to maintain social media presence and present information to the KP Community

    Allow Students

    • Opportunities to research and analyze educational apps and software to help support curriculum
    • To create video tutorials and tip for current software use to help support teachers and students
    • To create video and/or written blogs on current technology trends
    • Opportunities to learn how to repair and rebuild hardware


    By the end of the course:

    1. students should be able to utilize current technology to research, create, communicate and produce a product.
    2. understand and apply a variety of problem-solving strategies
    3. students should be able to understand the importance of and apply proper etiquette when interacting with all individuals
    4. effectively communicate with the community using a variety of methods including social media and digital signage
    5. demonstrate responsible citizenship


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