• Accounting II: Period-E

    Instructor: Mr. Swansburg


  • Welcome Back!

    Hi everyone...hope y'all had a safe and enjoyable summer. I am looking forward to working with all of you again this year! We had outstanding Accounting I classes last year. We will be looking to carry the momentum and enthusiasm generated last year into this year. Let's get the learning "cranked up" again soon!

    Enjoy the last few remaining days of summer....sad to see summer go but looking …

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  • Why Accounting?

    Posted by Eric Swansburg on 8/30/2016 9:25:33 AM
    Hi all Accounting students - I am glad you decided to take accounting for the first time this year or take accounting again. There is always a lot to learn. Accounting is a broad and vast field. Accounting makes you THINK, ANALYZE, STRATEGIZE, PLAN and DECIDE. Without financial information available to you thinking, strategizing, planning and deciding is hard to do! When most decisions are made, regardless of what it may be, finances or costs are often considered. Think about a recent time you made a decision. Did you factor cost into decision making? I bet you did!

    Thus accounting involves much to consider. Also, accounting applies to whatever field or industry you enter. So if you have an interest in an area, topic or industry have you considered studying accounting and then working in the area, topic or industry that interests you? How cool would that be? You will have to do something for work in a few years so why not give this some thought? The pay is not bad too!!

    So please tell me why you signed up to take accounting this year? What do you hope to achieve? What were / are you thinking? How does accounting work into your future plans? If you could orient me to your mindset that would be helpful.

    I look forward to sharing everything I know about the world of work, accounting and finance with you this year. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I am looking forward to a great year!


    Mr. Swansburg
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