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    About the King Philip Leo Club

    The King Philip Leo Club is a student branch of the Lions Club. The Leo Club is a community service club welcome to students in grades 9-12. The Leo Club is a great way for students to become exposed to the rewarding experience of community service. With around 250 members, we are a very active club; however, it is important to us that every single member contributes positively to the club. We are looking for members who will be dedicated and involved in the club to help and better our community.

    We hold more than 50 events each year and two meetings each month.

    We are one of the largest Leo clubs in the world!


    1. We encourage members to make their best effort to attend every meeting and we appreciate the hard work of our dedicated members. We do however realize that you may not be able to attend every meeting. Our requirement is that each member attends at least 2 meetings per semester, with a minimum of 4 per year.

    2. We hold a variety of exciting events each year. We encourage members to participate in as many events as they would like. Events are a great way to become involved in our community. Each member must participate in two events per semester, and a minimum of 4 per year.There are many different events to choose from.

    The link to our website is here: www.kpleo.wordpress.com

    Our website has a lot of important information regarding event sign ups, meeting dates, board information, and more. Additionally, all members must subscribe to our email list if they wish to  receive our emails. Members can subscribe to our email list on the website; just click on subscribe.


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    Email:  kpleoclub123@gmail.com
      Contact us with any questions you may have!