Student Council

    Adviser: Mrs. Barbara Snead
    Member of SEMASC, MASC, and NASC

      Executive Meetings-Every other Wednesday @8am
      Auxiliary Member Meeetings-Every other Wednesday @8am(alternates with eboard meetings)



    ~2020 MASC Gold Council of Excellence

    ~2019 MASC Gold Council of Excellence

    ~2018 MASC and NASC Gold Council of Excellence

    ~2017 MASC Silver Council of Excellence

    ~2016 MASC Gold Council of Excellence


    2020-21 President: Thomas Beck

                  Vice President: Molly Piller

                  Secretary: Emma Brooks

                  Treasurer: Olivia MacDonald

                   Historian: Evie Sanford

                   Fundraising: Clare Murray

                   Supply Coordinator: Sam Brady

                   Publicity Co-Chairs: Sydney O'Shea & Ahunna James

                   Community Service: Lily Brown

                   Spirit/Special Events Chair: Emma Murphy

                  Parlimentarian: Charlotte Major

                   Co Membership Coordinators: Maya McDonough & Brooke Lynch

                   Delegates: Madison Giusti & Russell Kitsis

                   School Committee Rep: Ahunna James

                   School Council Rep: Gina Brown



  • What is Student Council?

    • Student Council is a group of students who organize and facilitate events for KPHS and the tri-town community.
    • The goal of Student Council is to engender spirit, pride, and a sense of community with the high school and our community. 
    • Student Council is the voice of the school interacting with the administration for the betterment of the school.


    The three branches of Student Council at King Philip and process for membership


    1. The Auxiliary branch is the majority of King Philip’s Student Council. All students in the high school are eligible to be members of this branch. In order to be considered for this portion, a student must fill out an application provided by the Student Council. The application contains multiple questions about the applicant and their desire to help the school. After submission, the adviser and the current president review the applications. Students who are in good academic standing and supportive of the StuCo mission are then accepted. This process takes place within the first few weeks of the school year. Auxiliary members support the events planned by the Executive and Elected Members. These events would include homecoming, community events and spirit activities. 


    2. Another branch consists of Elected Members. In total there are sixteen Elected Members, four Elected Members from each grade. In order to run for one of the four available positions, one must get signatures from forty students in their grade, an administrator, the Student Council advisor, and two teachers. Once obtained, the student is eligible. In a day in April, the students read their speech in front of their grade, and their grade votes for their four Elected Members. The four students with the most votes will be the four Elected Members for the following school year.


    3. The last branch of Student Council is the Executive Board. In order to be able to run for one of the positions on the Executive Board, the student must have been an Auxiliary Member for at least two years or an Elected Member for one year. Alternatively, an Auxiliary Member for one year who is in good standing with the Council will be allowed to run for the Executive Board as well. Once eligible the student runs for one of the positions on the Executive Board in March. They make a speech to the current Student Council and the Council as a whole votes. The student with the most votes is selected for the specific position and will hold that position for the following school year. The elections for Executive Board and Elected Members are planned so a student may run for an Elected Member position if they lose the election for a position on the Executive Board.


    Regional and State Conferences

    KPHS Student Council is a part of the larger Massachusetts Association of Student Councils. Throughout the year, we attend three regional conferences (SEMASC)and one 3-day long state wide conference in Hyannis, MA. These conferences provide leadership training and a chance for students to run for state offices as well as meet life long friends. 

  • There are no upcoming events to display.

  • "Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others"



  • Advisor: Barbara Snead
    Email:  sneadb@kingphilip.org