• Student Ambassadors

    Instructor: Ms. McIntyre

    Mission Statement:  The KPMS Student Ambassadors is first and foremost an organization devoted to embodying, upholding, and promoting the kindness initiative at KPMS.  Thus, the Student Ambassadors are those students who are not only kind to all others, but also those who promote and recognize the importance of kindness within the community.  Student Ambassadors are those students who do what is right in difficult situations, and model this behavior for their peers.  Outside the walls of KPMS, Student Ambassadors are those who know the importance of making a difference in the lives of others and of giving back to the community through various community service projects.  Thus, Student Ambassadors are not only role models for their peers, but also representatives of KPMS to the greater, outside community.


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  • Jones, Mr.

    Email: joness@kingphilip.org

    McIntyre, Ms.

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