• Grade 7 White Team


    Mrs. Anderson: Special Education & Mathematics

    Email: andersond@kingphilip.org

    Extra Help: Tuesdays


    Dr. Austin: Science

    Email: austinm@kingphilip.org

    Extra Help: Thursdays


    Mrs. Curtin: Special Education & Science

    Email: curtink@kingphilip.org

    Extra Help: Wednesdays


    Mrs. Hartwell: Mathematics

    Email: hartwellw@kingphilip.org

    Extra Help: Wednesdays


    Mr. Parker: Special Education, English Language Arts & History

    Email: parkerd@kingphilip.org

    Extra Help: Wednesdays


    Mrs. Parker: English Language Arts

    Email: parkerm@kingphilip.org

    Extra Help: Tuesdays


    Mrs. Ryan: History

    Email: ryand@kingphilip.org

    Extra Help: Wednesdays



    October 3: 7th Grade Open House

    October 11: Student Council Election

    October 14: No School

    October 15: Professional Development Day; No School for Students

    October 16-30: Sock and Blanket Drive

    FOOD DRIVE: NOVEMBER 1st-15th  Please bring in nonperishable items and 

    drop them in boxes in your homeroom.  All items will be donated to local families in need 

    as well as to the food pantries in Wrentham, Plainville, and Norfolk

    November 8: End of Term 1

    November 11: No School Veteran's Day

    November 20: Early Release Professional Development

    November 21:  Team Field Trip Boda Borg






  • FIELD TRIP INFORMATION: November 21st 

    Boga Borg Online Waiver - Sign here

      Boda Borg is questing.  You will be transported into a real-world gaming environment: an experience we call Questing.  Teams of 3-5 Guests move through our Quests tackling a variety of mental and physical challenges.  Success in the first challenge means entry into the next challenge and so on...

    Everyone needs a waiver to Quest, your waiver must be filled out online and entirely by their parent or legal guardian.  Only Guests with completed waivers can Quest.

    Sneakers are required, and we suggest you wear comfortable clothes.  You will only be allowed to Quest with appropriate footwear.  In particular, you cannot Quest in flip flops, sandals, heels, Crocs, clogs, opened-toe shoes etc.  On wet or snowy days, please bring a change of footwear if you arrive in boots.

    Bring a bagged lunch - no options to buy lunch will be available. 


            ** Permission Slips are are due to HR teachers by November 12th.

            For financial assistance, please contact the principal, Michelle Kreuzer at kreuzerm@kingphilip.org