Academic Strategies: Period-A

    Instructor: Mr. Poirier

    Academic Strategies  

    Teacher: Mr. Poirier  

    Room: Library 

    E-mail: poirierm@kingphilip.org  (Best way to get a hold of me) 

    Phone: Library 

    Office Hours: Wednesdays 2:15 – 3:00 


    Instructional Goals:  

    • To achieve success and make effective progress in all content area classes.  

    • To develop and reinforce studyorganizational skills, and executive functioning skills 

    • To promote student responsibility and personal life skills.  

    Instructional Purpose:  

    • Assist students with formal and informal assessments, study strategies, organizational skills, job-related skills and individual needs.  

    • Direct guidance, and assist student who comes for support.  

    • Monitor each student’s progress routinely.  Progress reports will be made available to each student and his/her teachers and parents. 

    • Address the individual needs and goals (personal and academic) of each student  

    Rules and Expectations:  

    • Bring alnecessary materials (i.e. Pencils, pens, paper, textbooks, agenda) 

    • Actively participate in all teacher-directed and independent activities  

    • Students follow all instructions 

    • Use the time and assistance available to ensure his/her academic success.  

    • Behave in an appropriate manner and follow all school rules and policy. 

    • Water is allowed...all other drinks must be placed in the designated area 

    • Food is not allowed 

    • Respect all teachers, students, and property 


    Topics to be covered: 

    • Learning Styles 

    • Effective Effort 

    • Being a Community Member 

    • Goal Setting 

    • College Application Process 

    Grading Policy:  

    Unit assessments will be completed by each student in order to show understanding of material covered.  Unit assessments will count for 100 points each.  Rubrics will be given for each assessment. 

    • Learning Style Reflection 

    • Effective Effort Goal Setting 

    • Perseverance Reflection 

    • Law Research Project 

    • Pre/Post Goal Setting 

    weekly grade is given with a possibility of 20 points.  The students have 5 different areas in which to receive the possibility of a 4 to 1A rubric will be provided. The categories are:  

    • PreparednessDo you have the materials needed to complete daily plan 

    • AccountabilityThe students agenda is checked in for completion every day  

    • Self Advocacy - Do you actively seek help with an issue yourself 

    • On Task Student completed and/or made effective progress towards work in academic courses. 

    • AttitudeDoes the student have a positive attitude and willingness to work in class?