• Spanish IV: Period-E

    Instructor: Mrs. Abeille


    Dear Parents/Guardians/Students,
    Welcome to Spanish IV Honors! This course is based on the language skills listening, reading, writing and speaking. This collaboration of skills allows students to build a strong foundation so that they may continue in their study of Spanish. In order to achieve this goal, students will be participating in meaningful fun activities and assignments that will improve not only their skills and confidence to use the target language beyond the classroom setting; but will increase their knowledge of Hispanic culture and history.
    Students will participate in a variety of listening assessments like vocabulary pronunciation games; taking vocabulary dictation quizzes; performing listening activities in our language lab; listening and analyzing content of Spanish music of famous singers.

    Written communication is very important tooStudents will collaborate by working in different types of writing. For example they will be completing grammar exercises contained in Descubre book; writing journals, letters and emails as well as creating thematic posters in Spanish.

    Speaking is for many students the most difficult part of learning a language. For that reason effort, practice and perseverance are necessary keys to succeed. Through the school year students will be participating in dialogues, simulated conversations and presenting projects to the class.

    Another important skill is readingStudents will be able to improve their reading skills by exploring the Spanish-speaking culture through magazines, online news, newspaper articles; short book novels; analyzing poems and short stories of famous Hispanic writers.
    In order to accomplish our goals, is very important that students understand that their academic success depends of their responsible effort, positive attitude and behavior. Spanish IV Honors is a 5 credit course.
    I invite you to see the links below; you'll find important and useful information related to this course content, Mrs. Abeille’s grading policy and more. Please, feel free to contact me if you may have any question. Looking forward to a successful school year!


    Sra. Abeille
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