• US History II: Period-E

    Instructor: Mr. Connors


  • Final Exam

    Essay choices for the final exam and copies of our old tests are now attached below. Good luck on your final!

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  • Gump

    I'm adding the end of the year "Forrest Gump" powerpoint below.

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  • Holocaust Powerpoint


    I am adding the Holocaust PP to the documemnts below.

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  • Chapter 24 Notes

    Hello all,

    Attached below are the notes for Chapter 24.

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  • Mid Year Exam Review

    Old tests can be accessed below (with the exception of chapter 19). Use these to help study for next week's midyear.

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  • Chapter 19 essays

    Essay (20 points): Choose 1. Answers MUST have an introduction and a conclusion PARAGRAPH! Use facts to back up any statements that you make. 39. Describe the factors that led to the outbreak of war in Europe in 1914 and the factors that eventually led to the U.S. entry in the war. Your answer should discuss both the ideologies and the events that led to the "Great War." In your opinion, was …

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  • Essays for Chapter 18 test

    What two main strategies did women’s suffrage activists use in the late 1800s and early 1900s? How did each strategy contribute to the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment? Make sure to include the organizations and the leaders of each strategy and explain (in detail) how they contributed to the Amendment’s passage.

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