• Physical Education 

    Physical Education is required of all seventh and eighth grade students. Classes meets either two or three times in a six day rotation and are coed.

    In the two year program each student will receive a good balance of activities which are designed to meet the following goals: to promote physical fitness; to bring an awareness of the relationship between physical activity, physical fitness, and health and; to promote the skills, knowledge, and attitude necessary to lead an active, healthy and productive life.

    Each student's grade will be determined by participation, behavior, effort, preparation, improvement, and skill and written & physical tests. Depending on class size and structure students will learn skills in the following activities:


    Physical Education Units:

    Ultimate Football

    Presidential Physical Fitness Pre-Test





    Climbing/Teambuilding Challenges

    Presidential Physical Fitness Post-Test

    Fitness Games




  • Lockers and mandated health screenings

    During the first full week of class students will receive a locker where PE clothing is stored. This locker will be used to secure personal items during class time.
    Students will receive mandated health screenings.

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