• History Department

    Welcome to the King Philip Middle School History Department!  Our program uses the History Alive text series.  This curriculum is just what the title indicates--it brings learning alive to our students.  In our classrooms we use short memorable experiences to help students grasp social studies content by making experiences as authentic as possible.  Many of the activities offer ways for students to make connections between their experience and key concepts or events. 

    The seventh grade studies the Ancient World from the ancient Egyptians to Rome.  The eighth grade covers the fall of the Roman Empire to the Enlightenment.

    The department's curriculum team leader is Mrs. Denise Ryan.

    7th Grade Teachers:
    Ms. Lisa McIntyre
    Mr. Kory Kotouch
    Mrs. Denise Ryan

    8th Grade Teachers:
    Mr. Patrick Holland
    Mr. Sean Jones
    Mrs. Allison Susi


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