• STEM 1 (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

    Instructor:  Mrs. Hall

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    Unified Arts STEM program

    The STEM 1 program is a trimesterr long, project-based learning course consisting of units that incorporate STEM topics. This program prepares students for advanced and rigorous coursework in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The inquiry-based, student centered units allow students to model what real scientists and engineers do. This modeling stimulates interest and motivates learning. It incorporates a framework for integrating multiple disciplines throughout the curriculum. The coursework is based on the Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core and the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Frameworks, along with the standards for Digital Literacy, in preparation for The MCAS.
    The Unified Arts STEM program includes engagement with industry partners across the community, is influenced by the best practices in project-based learning, and focuses on applying knowledge to modern technologies.
    The program features project-based student modules where the students investigate topics, collect, analyze and process data, design and manufacture goods, and create a STEM project portfolio where they model Scientists, Anthropologists, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, and Artists. The units encompass subject areas such as transportation, bioengineering technologies, alternative energy, structures, geology, manufacturing and electricity.
    Upon completion of this comprehensive and unique course, students will formulate ideas to create an interdisciplinary portfolio which builds on students’ curiosity and existing conceptions. The hands-on and problem solving nature of the STEM projects ensures that students use appropriate science, engineering and academic skills, while actively practicing the requirements of the Common Core standards.



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