• French 1: Period-G

    Instructor: Ms. Zessis


  • Test Tuesday Dec. 6 Unit 2A

    Unit 2A Test next Tuesday Dec. 6th
    To help you study!
    You need to be able to:
    express likes and dislikes
    say how you and others feel about different school subjects (Je pense que l'anglais est . . .facile. etc.)
    say what you and others are doing/ not doing : Il cherche un livre/ Il ne parle pas dans la bibliotheque.
    Use the correct ending of the er verbs when you do this (Ils retrouvent les …

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  • Quiz on questions this Wednesday Nov. 30th

    Quiz on forming and answering questions using Est-ce que, inversion, n'est-ce pas.
    Responding using bien sur, pas du tout, mais oui, peut-etre.

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  • Thursday Nov. 11:Grammar quiz: "er" verbs

    Thursday Nov. 11, 2016 Grammar quiz on "er" verbs. Make sure you know the meanings of all the verbs from the notes. Use your notes handed out in class and pages 46 -47 to help you study. Don't forget the verb "parler" (to speak!)
    You should be able to use the correct form of the verb for each of the subject pronouns.
    Je regarde
    Tu regardes
    Il regarde
    Nous regardons etc.
    Also you should be able to …

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  • Vocab Quiz Friday 11/4

    Please study vocab notes given in class. You can also use pages 38, 39 in your textbook.

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  • Test Thursday

    Unit test Thursday. Make sure you are able to use:
    Le, la , l', les
    un, une, des
    C'est . . . / Ce sont . . .
    Il y a. . . / Il n'y a pas
    Use Je, tu, il, elle, nous, vous, ils, elles
    Use the foms of "etre" correctly : Les filles sont intelligents. Je suis brune.
    Describe people/things (adjust adjective if noun is masculine or feminine) La fille est americaine/ le garcon est americain.
    Make …

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  • Quiz demain!!!

    Quiz on the forms of the verb ętre (je suis, tu es etc.) adjective agreement and making sentences negative.
    mardi (Tuesday October 18th)

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  • Je suis . . . PROJECT due

    If you have not already turned in the "Je suis une fille/ un garçon" project please do so tomorrow!
    Merci, Mme. Zessis

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