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    Instructor: Ms. Wilfert


  • Force and Motion Project Begins 6/6

    6/6 - Begin Prototype
    6/8 - Begin Final Product
    6/12 - Inspection Day
    6/13 - Race Day
    6/15 - Lab Report Due

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  • Solar System Project Starts Tuesday

    Please check out the Chapter 12 Folder for additional copies of the project requirements and rubric. All dates are in the Homework section of my page! Do Not Forget your Blank Tri Fold Poster is Due by Monday 2/13/17!

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  • Clear Colorless 2 Liter Plastic Bottles Due Friday

    Hi Again!
    Thank you for the food donations! We used all the fruit today! I told the students last week that I will be needing these bottles for an ecosystem that we are going to build soon. Donations are very much appreciated!
    Thank you in advance!

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  • Food Donations Due Tuesday

    Hi Everyone!
    Our Science Classes will be checking out the Biotic Potential of various fruits. We would love donations of any type of fruit by Tuesday. Maybe you can bring in an apple, pumpkin, tomato, strawberry, kiwi, pepper, or a grape! Thank you in advance.
    Ms. Wilfert

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  • Note Book Test Wednesday 10/5

    This is an open note book test. Students should make sure that they have an organized notebook. We have been organizing together, but some students may need more time to do it. In addition, if a student missed a homework assignment, they need to make it up for this test. This is designed to help students and their science averages. This gives students the motivation to stay organized.

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  • Classification/Taxonomy Quiz Friday

    Study Guide can be found in the Taxonomy Folder.

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  • Classroom Supplies are Due Thursday!

    There is a list of the supplies on the General Fusion Web Site or you can find it below in the General Info Folder.

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