• Language Arts 7.1: Period-F

    Instructor: Mrs. Reyes

    Jugular Giant Turtles


  • Wrapping up the year!

    Textbooks are being collected this week, so please be sure to return them asap.
    Writing folders are going home, so please enjoy all your child's hard work this year!
    We are reflecting on the year and creating Power points to show next year's seventh graders what they have to look forward to in Language Arts class,

    Finally, celebrate your summer by reading Echo and other novels by the seaside!
    It …

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  • Poetry and An Invisible Thread

    We have started reading and analyzing both lyrical and narrative poetry this week. In addition, the students are reading the memoir, An Invisible Thread for homework. Language Arts MCAS is this week, so good luck to all my students!- show 'em what fantastic writers and readers you are, and you will ace it for sure!

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  • On-going homework assignment

    An Invisible Thread- How can one individual make a difference?
    Read Chapters 1-8 by 3/30
    Read Chapters 9- 14 by 4/6
    Red Chapters 13- Epilogue by 4/13
    Hand written pre-reading questions in the packet
    Typed discussion questions and Post reading questions by 4/13
    Book party April 13th!
    Happy April Vacation!

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  • Narrative writing

    For the next two weeks, we will practice narrative writing that includes interesting dialogue, dynamic plot events, intense action, and lots of description.

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  • Argument Essay Schedule

    Mon 2/27- Introduce assignment, select topic (in class) Tues 2/28- research and GO (in class) Wed 3/1- research, type body paragraph one (in class) Thurs 3/2- type body paragraph two (in class) Fri 3/3- type body paragraph three (in class) Mon 3/6- HW – type counter argument Tues 3/7- HW- type introduction and conclusion Wed 3/8- Bring typed essay to class to edit and revise Wed and Thurs 3/9- …

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  • Wrapping up informational texts

    We are finishing informational texts this week, and, after vacation, the students will be writing an argument essay. Then, we will begin the second half of the nonfiction unit: biographies, autobiographies and memoirs. As we slide into spring, the students will write their own descriptive memoirs about a humorous, sad or memorable moment in their lives. Enjoy your vacation!

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  • Goodbye January!

    In this final week of January, we discussed ways to make school more engaging by reading an article entitled, "Fun 101". We compared and contrasted paraphrased evidence verses direct quoting. We read an article about Great White Sharks and analyzed the author's bias towards the sea animal. Finally, we began working on our memoir projects as we will continue to due every Friday until vacation. As …

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  • The week of 1/23 through 1/27

    We continued our study of nonfiction by examining whether cell phones are making our society rude or not. We examined the central ideas and supporting evidence of two articles, and we learned the difference between paraphrasing and quoting our evidence in an essay.

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  • The week of 1/17-1/20

    The week in Language Arts we studied two arguments that debated whether professional athletes are paid too much money. After identifying the claims, supporting evidence, and counter-arguments, the students had an in-class debate about whether parents should help with homework or not. We also reviewed the different text structures found in informational texts.

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  • After school help day changed!

    For this week ONLY, I will be holding extra help on Wednesday, 1/25 rather than Tuesday 1/24. Of course, I encourage students to see me during SAT if they need any assistance.

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  • Week of 1/9-1/13

    This week, we began our Nonfiction Unit by reading two informational articles about the Black Death (aka The Plague). We examined the different structures of the texts (cause-effect and chronological) and we studied new vocabulary. Also, the students chose a memoir to read as an independent homework assignment. We will be working with the memoirs in February, but I thought they could get started …

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  • Week of 1/3-1/6

    This week we explored the idea of chivalry in two legends about King Arthur We studied vocabulary and the characteristics of a legend. We also began writing skits to be performed on Monday before the class. We are beginning our nonfiction unit next week, so, in preparation, the students should be looking for a memoir to read independently over the next six weeks. While a few choices are available …

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  • Week of 12/19-12/23

    Hi Everyone!
    I apologize for being absent during the last few days before break. Unfortunately, life sometimes takes unexpected turns, but we must march on!
    I wanted to express how proud I am of everyone who has been so diligently working on their essays and I cannot wait to read about your heroes and ideas about Buran (8th grade) over vacation.
    I have enjoyed our laughs, deep discussions, and …

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  • T2W4: A week of writing

    Who are your heroes? What qualities do you admire in a hero? We have been focused writers this week as we answer these essential unit questions with thoughtfulness, elaboration, and descriptive techniques. Kudos to all of my hard working students who have had a very productive writing week. Next week we go to the computer lab to type and edit our drafts!

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  • Term Two, Week Three

    Wow, a busy week in Language Arts class! We finished our Outsiders Unit by comparing the film to the novel, took a unit test, evaluated our performance on a pre and post vocabulary unit test, and began drafting our rough drafts about Everyday Heroes in Our Lives. We will be writing in class for the next week and we will be ready to publish before break. I have encouraged the students to bring …

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