• Mission Statement and Expectations for Student Learning

    At King Philip Regional High School we offer students many Opportunities for Excellence through a curriculum that sets high academic standards, cultivates critical thinking and creativity, and offers a well-rounded extracurricular program.
    We establish high academic standards and expectations for personal responsibility. Students are encouraged to become lifelong learners, to be productive contributors to society, to set ambitious goals, and to use all available resources.
    At the heart of our learning environment is a mutual respect among students, faculty, administration, and staff. We involve family and community in the development of acceptable social behaviors, personal responsibility, and appreciation of individual differences. We strive to make effective communication a major component of our daily agenda, as it is the key to cultivating each student's educational progress.
    In our fast-paced evolving world of information, we prepare our educational community to be adaptive to the changes in society, and to be confident communicators, researchers and problem-solvers. Our goal is to embrace the Information Age by using the most current and sophisticated technology that we can integrate into our curriculum.
    We challenge each student to take pride in our school and to become an actively involved member of our student body. It is important that each student finds a productive path and feels a sense of belonging within our school community. To this end, we seek to provide a safe and supportive environment where students are comfortable and able to meet the demands that society continues to place upon them.