• Natural Science 7-2: Period-B

    Instructor: Mrs. Adams


  • More Extra Credit- Rare Aware

    This Term 4 extra credit project is due Thursday May 18, 2017

    In the United States, rare disease are defined as affecting fewer than 20,000 people. There are thousands of rare diseases, which means that these disease affect millions of people. You will research a rare diesase and present your findings at a poster session at the Rare Aware event prior to the Lip Sync Battle which benefits the …

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  • Extra Credit Term 4 Periodic Table Project

    Extra Credit Term Four!!
    Create your very own Periodic Table of Elements. Please see the Project outline and criteria in the Files below.
    See Mrs. Adams for examples of Periodic Tables that were submitted in previous years.

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  • Extra Credit Term Three

    Extra Credit Term Three
    At the bottom of this page under "Files" you will see a Genetic Disorder Project that you can complete for Term Three. This is a Pamphlet that you need to create once you select a Genetic Disorder from the list provided. If you do not see a Genetic Disorder that interests you, and you have another in mind, you must approve it by me first.
    This is due April 1, 2017

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  • How to Access your Book Online

    Website to put in your username and password:

    See the front of your notebook where you put a note with this information:

    Username: Your unique user name given to you by Mrs Adams
    Password: Warriors7. Must be capital W!

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  • Important Website of Left Side Ideas

    This is the website of Left Side Ideas! Use it to help you think of OUTPUT page ideas for your notebook!


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  • Course Syllabus

    See Polcies and Procedure Pamphlet Below!

    Course Syllabus Content this year will include both Life and Earth Science topics. You will learn about Cells, the Human Body, Genetics, Volcanoes, and Rocks and Minerals to name just a few! All of the topics you will be learning cover the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for Grade Seven Science. How will my grade be determined? Your grade is …

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