• Red Class

    Instructor: Mr. Jacobsen


  • Lord, What Fools these Mortals Be!

    The 8th grade has begun its exciting ascent into the fascinating world of William Shakespeare. To kick off the unit, Mr. Jacobsen's and Ms. Duffy's classes combined in the auditorium for two days. The first day focused on Shakespeare's legacy and how he has influenced modern rap and hip-hop music. The second day gave students insight to the layout of a theater, stage directions, and how to move …

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  • Cultural Awakening

    The eighth graders are excited to start 2017 with a classic novel, Seven Daughters and Seven Sons. This book explores the tale of a young woman in ancient Iraq as she navigates a male-dominated world and proves how your gender does not define your destiny. Students are able to investigate, evaluate, and appreciate a culture much different from their own, all while following the journey of a brave …

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  • Let There Be Irony

    For the month of December, the students will be exploring the entertaining world of irony in literature. We will read several short stories, including: The Necklace, The Lottery. The Interlopers, The Gift of the Magi, The Open Window, The Ransom of Red Chief, and The Sniper. Students will learn to identify the different types of irony, explain irony in literature, and be able to create examples …

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  • A Month to be Thankful

    For the month of November, which is surprisingly short on school days, the 8th graders will be engaging in a variety of topics. We finished up our time with Poe, culminating in a test focusing on his life and his literary works. From here, students will begin their exciting journey into the world of grammar. Furthermore, students are wrapping up their Term 1 Read 24/7 by "selling" their book for …

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  • The Lord of Horror

    For the month of October, students will enter the world of the macabre, and experience the literary terror that is Edgar Allan Poe. We will explore the tragic story of Poe's real life, with the constant presence of Death following him everywhere. Students will get to read four of Poe's classic works: The Oval Portrait, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Black Cat, and The Raven. Furthermore, students will …

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  • Fall Back Into Education

    Students are settling back into the routines of school well. For the month of September, we are focusing on mini-lessons of essential writing skills. Students are further developing such specific talents in regards to thesis statements, terrific topic sentences, confident conclusions, quote usage and integration, passive vs. active voice, formal vs. informal tone, and powerful word choice. …

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