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    High School Health Services
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    Mrs. Kathy Puzas

    508-384-1000 Ext. 3345
    Fax: 508-384-1075

    Mrs. Sara Davis-Edick

    508-384-1000 Ext. 3341

    Mrs. Tara Esposito 

    508-384-1000 Ext. 3341


    Reminders from the Nurse

    We have several cases of flu, strep throat, stomach virus and other illnesses throughout the school year. Here are a few reminders when you are deciding whether or not to keep you child home from school.


      • If your child vomits before school or during the night, please keep him/her home and have him/her rest for 24 hours.
      • If your child has diarrhea during the night or before school please keep him/her home until the diarrhea subsides totally or at least 24 hours.
      • If your child has a fever (over 100 F.) during the night or in the morning, please keep your child home. The temperature should be normal for 24 hours before sending the child to school.
      • If your child exhibits signs of pink eye or conjunctivitis (blood shot eye, complains of itchiness, sticky material in eye and discharge from eye), please keep him home and call your physician.

        If you have any questions feel free to email me at puzask@kingphilip.org

    Please note that there are some health requirements (immunizations) for students to be able to attend classes at the High School.

    There are procedures you must follow for your child to have medication during the school day.

    There is a specific form for inhalers:
    Inhaler form

    Health Forms

    Please read the Health Issues Letter for important information for every incoming student. These forms must be on file at the school for every student attending King Philip Regional High School.

    Certificate of Immunization - Health Record

    And if necessary for your child, please also provide: Emergency Health Care Plan - Medical Emergency Protocol

    Although most doctors provide their own Immunization and Health Record forms, you may also download these forms (format is PDF) to take with you when you go for an appointment. (You will need Acrobat Reader from Adobe to access these forms. It is a free download.)


Health Forms


  • Dear Parents and Guardians

    Influenza (flu) activity is widespread across the United States. Influenza causes a great deal of illness and many deaths every year, and can result in missed days of school and missed days of work. According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH), it is likely that the flu will peak in Massachusetts within the next few weeks. Because the flu can be easily spread from person to …

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  • Puzas, Kathy          (508) 384-1000  ext. 3345


    Davis-Edick, Sara   (508) 384-1000  ext. 3341


    Esposito, Tara        (508) 384-1000  ext. 3341