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    King Philip Parent Network

    Connecting the KP Community since 1993
    The goal of the King Philip Parent Network (KPPN) is to foster connections within the King Philip Community by identifying needs and providing resources to fulfill them.


    What Does the King Philip Parent Network (KPPN) Do

    The KPPN  Host Events such as the Father/Daughter/Special Person/Dance, Staff Appreciation Luncheon and The All Night Party. The KPPN provides Teacher Grants and Student Scholarships as well as providing a source of support for numerous KP traditions such as, The StuCo Holiday Party, KP Cares Giving Tree and other school events and activities. Each year we provide a gift to the school. Most recently we have contributed to a classroom smart board, and the turf field, we have provided plantings on school grounds and the S.A.D.D. Memorial Garden at the main entrance as well as the sign used by everyone by the tennis court entrance. 



    Host and Support events for High School Students including the All Night Party  


    Provide Teacher Grants and Scholarships for KPHS students.

    See the teachers and students rewarded grants and scholarships



    KPPN is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that relies on donations from parents and the community to fund our various student scholarships, teacher grants, annual gifts to KPHS, staff appreciation luncheon, and events such as the All Night Party for Seniors after graduation, and the Father-Daughter Dance. You can help KPPN continue their work by supporting KPPN with a donation now.    

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Contact Information

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    KPPN Board Members:

    Stephanie Waldeck - Chairperson

    Kristen Schneider - Membership

    Gill Barnard - Secretary

    Linda Melanson - Treasurer

    Kelly Snead - Publicity/Social Media

    Maureen Lukes - Fundraising


    KPPN Commitee Chairs:

    ANP Chairperson - Brenda Ihley

    ANP Decorations - Eileen DeWitt

    Teacher Grants - Stephanie Waldeck

    Father Daughter Special Person Dance - Kristen Schneider and Gill Barnard

    Staff Appreciation Luncheon - Robin Pike

    Congratulations to these teachers who were awarded King Philip Parent Network Enrichment Grants for the 2018 school year. Thank you for your service and dedication to our kids! Please see attached teachers located in the file library.