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    The Q & A will be open throughout the event.  Attendees can submit questions through the Q & A icon at the botton of the screen.  If there's time, we will pick a few attendees to bring up on screen to ask their question.

  • The King Philip Regional High School SportsBooster Club mission is to facilitate an environment that inspires student/athletes, coaches, parents, and the community to collectively create a positive and spirited atmosphere for all athletic programs.
    We are a volunteer group of high school parents and community members that promote, support and provide recognition to student athletes participating in all sports.  We raise money through various fund raisers so that we can recognize our athletes and support our teams in various ways.  KP Sports Booster Club is able to allocate discretionary funds to college scholarships, athletic department projects, team achievement awards and special requests to supplement individual team budgets for equipment.
    Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings the 2ndWednesday of every month.

    Keep updated with All KP Sport Boosters activities at our Facebook page



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    King Philip Sports Boosters supports many programs to support our athletes and teams,
    1. Turf field
    2. New Snack Shack to allow teams to raise money during events
    3. Improved “Water Closet” for all athletes
    4. Stadium sound system
    5. Stadium ticket booth
    6. State championship signs
    7. Team awards to team boosters accounts upon winning the Hock Division
    8 Six senior scholarships every year (see below)
    9. Warrior and Away signs

    And More 

    2019-2020 Fundraising Activities include:
    1. KP Apparel for Sale! A portion of every sale goes back to the KP Boosters funds to help
    support our KP teams.
    2. KP Driveway Painting!
    Show your KP spirit! Painting will end 10/31 will resume again in the spring, when weather
    permits. Open to residents AND businesses!
    3. Patriots Celebrity Basketball Game on April 28, 2020
    4. Cornhole Tournament, March 2020
    And more!

    College scholarships - 6 (3 boys 3 girls) $500 scholarships given out in the Spring. Based on essay contest.

    KING PHILIP SPORTS BOOSTER CLUB SCHOLARSHIP – Essay Required - A King Philip Senior who should have played a sport for at least two years including senior year (Varsity or JV) and answer one of the following questions (maximum 250 word answer):

                    1. Why/How did participating in sports at King Philip influence your high school experience?

                    2. Recount an experience that impacted your team’s spirit and success and your role in this experience.

                    3. Explain why your participation in sports will be a fond memory to carry forward.

    This scholarship is not based on academics, however the applicant cannot have been prohibited from participating in a sport because of an academic probation or suspension due to alcohol or drug use.  This will be verified by administration.  Submission should only include your name on the top of the paper and not included in the body of the text.  Transcripts and application form are not needed or required.

    The scholarship applications can be picked-up in the Guidance office or printed from the KP High School Guidance website.( https://www.kingphilip.org/Page/6591).

    The deadline for applications is March 2020 ( Exact date will be updated in early 2020).

     Please submit your essay to the Guidance  Department Attn: KP Sports Boosters Club Scholarship


Boosters Board Members

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    Your generously donated monetary contribution or item(s) will be used to help support The King Philip Sports Boosters. Covering event costs and/or receiving donations of food, raffles, and auction items help us allocate the event funds directly to all our sports teams at King Philip High School for items not covered under the existing school sports budget.

    Thank you for your support!