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Mrs. Susi - US Civics

Welcome to your second year at King Philip Middle School!  I am excited to utlize this Blackboard site as well as Google Classroom as a means of communication between the physical classroom and remote learning.  Covid-19 is going to present us with a unique challenge this school year, but we can do it! 

Welcome to 8th Grade Civics!  In this course, students will study the roots and foundations of the U.S. democracy and government, how and why these institutions have developed over time, and the role of individuals in maintaining these institutions.  To begin, students will analyze our country’s founding documents such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights in order to determine how the U.S. democracy is shared and structured.  Students will then examine the framework for the U.S. federal government and the roles and responsibilities of each of its branches.  Additionally, students will explore topics such as state and local governments, voting and elections, and political parties.  Students will also investigate landmark, precedent-setting Supreme Court decisions and how these rulings have impacted the fabric of American democracy, life, and culture.

If you have any questions, ask away! Send me an email or ask during our remote learning classtime.  I am here to help you have a successful year here at King Philip Middle School!