• This page will contain regular updates for students in the music program and their families.

  • Concert dress is formal and should reflect the serious nature of the music to be performed. Remember - people come to concerts to HEAR music, not SEE the latest fashion.


    Please review the following requirements for each performing group. Students who fail to abide by the dress code will be asked to go home and change prior to the start of the concert.


    Symphony Band & Concert Choir

    • Option 1 - Black tuxedo, white tuxedo shirt, black bowtie, cumberbun (optional), long black socks, black dress shoes. Tuxedos are available from J.C. Penney's and the Men's Wearhouse. If you are still growing you can purchase a gently used tuxedo from Delux Tux in Franklin.
    • Option 2 - Black dress (must be purchased through the KPMA). We have a few dresses that have been donated back to the program if you would like to try one on. Completely black dress shoes.


    Concert Band

    • Dress for concert band is all black.
    • Black dress pants. Black dress shirt (polo, button-down, or three-quarter sleeve). Long black socks. Black dress shoes.


    Pops Concert - All Performing Ensembles

    Students may wear colors of their choice. Business casual dress is appropriate. Midriffs and shoulders must be completely covered. Shirts/dresses must have capped shoulders or sleeves. Skirts should be of a modest length. Please no shorts, t-shirts, jeans, tank tops, or flip-flops.


    If finances prevent you from purchasing any of the following please speak with your director. We want you to feel comfortable on stage so you can focus on the music.


    If you have any questions about the appropriateness your concert attire ask your director prior to the performance.