Phone: 508-384-1000 ext. 312


Degrees and Certifications:

Syracuse University, BFA Mass College of Art, Master's Degree in Art Education

Mrs. Jodi Greenleaf


 When you walk into room 312 you will be welcomed and appreciated.  And, you will find very quickly that this is a “learn by doing” program.  We don’t learn out of a text book, or through lecture – we learn by trial and error, success and failure, by wondering, questioning – thinking and creating.  This is also a program that teaches students how to become  productive and valued members of a team. I truly love my job, and my students and their well-being are a big priority in my life.  We like walking the road less travelled, and because of that – we have established ourselves as one of the best TV programs in all of New England. The work we do never gets easier, it just gets more challenging as we build the foundation to success.  One of the most important tasks is to find ways to get my students connected with their creative mind. When people say they are not creative, it may mean someone has branded them with that mistaken opinion.  Or – it may mean that they simply don’t know how to access their creativity.  One of the most important benefits this program offers to its participants is the opportunity to gain confidence.  If you give someone a spoonful of that stuff – you have empowered them to strive for more.  To the subconscious mind confidence equals competence.  If you want to be trusted by others, you must first trust yourself. To project trustworthiness you must project confidence.  Think of all the problems you can have in life if you don’t have confidence in yourself!  Confidence is something that can only come from within.  Helping my students get ahold of some of it is THE MOST CRITICAL task I have as a teacher.  Everybody finds their way to room 312 for a reason.  I am committed to helping them develop their strengths and face their weaknesses and to hopefully carve out their very special role in the fabric of our beloved KPTV.