2020 AP Exam Updates

  • The College Board released the newly revised AP Exam schedule, more specific information about the tests, and their security measures. Their official announcement can be found here College Board's Updated AP Information

    When students log in to AP Classroom, they will now see free-response questions that can help them practice their knowledge and skills as they prepare for this year's AP Exams. They will see scoring criteria to help them revise their responses and they can get direct feedback from their teachers.  Students should also be using the YouTube AP classes and review materials that are widely popular:  

    AP YouTube course schedule and information  

    Please share the Parent Webinar on AP changes archived from April 16.  Please know that parents must register for the webinar as a first step.  A follow up link will be sent to parents once the registration information is complete.    Parent Webinar Archived

    On Monday, April 13, The College Board sent personalized emails to all AP students, asking them to confirm their AP Exam schedule, and to connect them to free online AP lessons, student practice on AP Classroom, and an intake form should they need tech access for AP Exams.  

    On April 17, teachers received their students’ responses. Student survey responses do not impact the official exam order status of any student. Teachers can use the responses to further guide their students through the end of the school year and help them prepare for at-home testing.

    2020 AP exam dates fall between May 11-May 22, 2020. All exams are taken online at home. There are 3 exams per day spaced 2 hours apart (12pm, 2pm, 4pm). Each subject's exam is taken on the same day at the same time, worldwide.  Each exam is a 45-minute free-response section; there are no multiple choice sections for the 2020 AP exams. Students should plan to participate in the primary exam dates in May and will only test in June if they are unable to take the May exam for an emergency reason. 

    The College Board has also stated that fewer topics will be covered on each test and they will only test concepts and skills that AP teachers have covered through early March. To find which specific course units will be covered, click the link and scroll down to the relevant course.

    Students who have approved testing accommodations through the College Board, will be given their accommodations through the online AP Exam. For example, if you are approved to test with 50% extended time, once you log into the exam you will see your testing clock set to 68 minutes, not 45 minutes. More information about testing with accommodations will be available on the College Board's website in late April. 

    Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened anxiety for students across the country.  If, for any reason, you wish to cancel your AP Exam for the 2020 year and receive a refund, you do not need to do anything; simply do not log-in to take the exam.  Once the testing window has ended the College Board will send KP a list of the students who took the exam and I will work with the district to refund those who did not participate. 

    Students wishing to swap AP Calculus AB or BC exams must email me at nutterj@kingphilip.org before April 17th. 

    Students enrolled in portfolio courses (Studio Art, Research, Seminar, etc.) will not have an online exam and instead will submit their portfolios online by May 26, 2020. 

    If any student experiences technical difficulties on an exam they will submit an incident form (accessible within your exam login screen) and the College Board will determine if you can retest in June.

    Please continue to check the College Board's website for updated AP exam information at  https://pages.collegeboard.org/collegeboard-covid-19-updates.

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  • King Philip Regional High School Guidance Department

    The school counselors at King Philip Regional High School are assigned students to assist in the development of a meaningful high school program, to explore interests and abilities, and to develop educational and career plans through the developmental guidance curriculum. 

    Parents/guardians concerned about their child's mental health should contact the assigned guidance counselor and/or school psychologist for supports, resources and assistance. 


    KPRHS College Board CEEB Code: 222-562


    Counselor Assignments 

    When making an appointment, please contact the appropriate counselor.  For full contact information please click on Meet the Guidance Staff on the left sidebar.

    Counselors                    Student Last Names:

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                                                  Mr. John Adams                        B-E                 
                                                  Mrs. Marissa Falcone                F-L
    ​                                              Ms. Mallory Connors                 M-Q              
    ​                                              Ms. Julie Habib                          R-Z


                                                                    School Psychologists

                                            Dr. Angela Sheble                     Grades 9 & 11

                                            Mrs. Morayo Sales                    Grades 10 & 12