• King Philip Regional High School Guidance Department

    The school counselors at King Philip Regional High School are assigned students to assist in the development of a meaningful high school program, to explore interests and abilities, and to develop educational and career plans through the developmental guidance curriculum. 

    Parents/guardians concerned about their child's mental health should contact the assigned guidance counselor and/or school psychologist for supports, resources and assistance. 


    KPRHS College Board CEEB Code: 222-562


    Counselor Assignments 

    When making an appointment, please contact the appropriate counselor.  For full contact information please click on Meet the Guidance Staff on the left sidebar.

    Counselors                    Student Last Names:

                                                  Mrs. Jessica Nutter                   A
                                                  Mr. John Adams                        B-E                 
                                                  Mrs. Marissa Falcone                F-L
    ​                                              Ms. Mallory Connors                 M-Q              
    ​                                              Ms. Julie Habib                          R-Z


                                                                    School Psychologists

                                            Dr. Angela Sheble                     Grades 10 & 12

                                            Ms. Tabby Newman                   Grades 9 & 11



  • In an effort to maintain protocols of COVID-19 and to ultimately keep everyone safe and healthy, we are asking that students make virtual appointments through the counselor calendar links found in the Google Classroom for each grade level. 

    We ask that students make an appoinment with their assigned counselor during days that they are remote and not required to virtually be in class, during a study hall/Open Campus, or during non-class times on remote Wednesdays. 

    If a student is present in school (during hybrid days) and is experiencing an emergency/crisis an in-person counselor and/or school psychologist will meet with them. 

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  • The school counselors created Google Classrooms for each grade level for the 2020-2021 school-year. These classrooms will house resources and video presentations the counselors would normally deliver in the classroom. Students can also find links to schedule an appointment with their assigned counselor. 

    New materials will be added to the Google Classrooms throughout the school-year.

    Class of 2021

    Google Classroom Join Code: mruuit3

    Class of 2022
    Google Classroom Join Code: d3tkqjw
    Class of 2023
    Google Classroom Join Code: sclocbl
    Class of 2024
    Google Classroom Join Code: 6jk6iut
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  • As we quickly approach November 1st, we wanted to remind seniors with Early Action/Early Decision applications of a few key pieces:

    1. Your Senior Update Form MUST be turned in through the Class of 2021 Google Classroom--indicating whether or not your require a letter of recommendation from your counselor

    2. All initial transcript requests for college admissions MUST go through Naviance

    3. Check that the correct application type (EA/ED/RD)  is listed within your list of 'Colleges I'm Applying To' on Naviance ( many colleges listed/initial transcript requests default to Regular Decision). 

    4. If you are using the Common Application you MUST match your Common App and Naviance accounts! Your counselor can not submit your college materials until you have completed this step. 

    5. Directions for many senior college application tasks (including the ones listed above) can be found in the Class of 2021 Google Classroom through videos and handouts. You can join the Class of 2021 Google Classroom with the following code: mruuit3.

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  • Navigating Initial Eligibility During COVID-19

    A Webinar for College-Bound Student-Athletes 

    As a companion to the NCAA Eligibility Center’s recent COVID-19 response, they will be hosting a webinar for student-athletes and their families.  Join the Eligibility Center of the NCAA for a webinar on Saturday, November 7 at 2 p.m. Eastern to learn about initial-eligibility requirements you must meet and how COVID-19 impacts those requirements. Click here to register.

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  • Student Survey Results & Social-Emotional Support Resources

    In September students at King Philip were asked to complete a survey regarding their feelings on returning to school in both remote and hybrid settings, their stress level, and ways in which they cope with stress.

    The brief presentation, link located below, shares the survey results and reviews the supports available at KPRHS to students, as well as outside resources on stress management and mindfulness techniques.

    As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your/your child’s assigned counselor.

    Student Survey Results & Social Emotional Resources Screencastify Video

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  • Family Wellness Resource Directory

    Supporting the health and wellbeing of students and families is a priority for administrators and staff at King Philip. During these times of transition and continued uncertainty,  a focus on wellness is critical. 

    We are providing a variety of resources to support students and families.  Below is a link to a living document created by Dot Pearl,  Director of Wellness for Norfolk, Plainville, Wrentham & King Philip Schools, where you will find updated information, programming and resources during the months ahead. 

    The administration and counseling teams at each school are available to you if you have child specific concerns. 

    Family Wellness Resource Directory

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